Heartbeat Releases New Music Video "Hopeless Town"

Heartbeat Releases New Music Video "Hopeless Town"

Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. 

As a positive alternative to the status quo of prejudice, violence, and segregation, Heartbeat creates spaces and opportunities for Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to build critical awareness, respect, and trust while harnessing creative nonviolent tools for self-expression and social change.  Engaging in an ongoing music, dialogue, and empowerment process, Heartbeat youth musicians become agents of change; harnessing the tools of creativity to imagine possibilities, ask questions, and publicly address systemic problems such as violence, and inequality — partnering to create a safe, equitable future for all.

After months of learning and writing music, engaging in dialogue about the realities they face, and rehearsing as a band, Heartbeat youth musicians bring their awareness and music to their communities through concerts and music videos.  Heartbeat's most recent music video, "Hopeless Town," was written by Heartbeat: Haifa youth musician Rasha Nahas, and performed live by both Rasha and Neomi Zahor.  This moving song can be as loud as politicians and louder than divisive rhetoric if we choose to face the truth and act to create "peaceful generations." Join Rasha and Neomi's call to action by sharing their video and amplifying their voices to the world.

"Hopeless Town"

Lyrics by Rasha Nahas 

so tired of escaping the truth reading the news and pretending it's all good
and all i see is these walls that you build
the humans you kill
the money spent on building more weapons instead of feeding the poor

you kill
you take
you grow hatred all around
why not grow peaceful generations in this hopeless town? tell me why.

i'm not asking for a country or a flag. i'm not asking for my land.
i cannot translate my pain into a language you'd understand.
i can't take it no more. i can't face you no more. 
تعبت، من الهروب من الحقيقة
من متابعة الأخبار
والتمثيل بأنه كل شيء على ما يرام. 

كل اللي شايفته هو الجدران اللي عم تبنيها 
الناس اللي عم تقتلها
المال المبذر علي بناء أسلحة جديدة بدل من إطعام المحتاجين 
أنت بتقتل
أنت بتأخذ 
أنت بتربي كراهية في كل مكان 
ليش ما بتربي أجيال مسالمة بهذه الارض معدومة الأمل. قلّي ليش؟ 
مش عم بطالب بدولة أو بعلم
مش عم بطالب بأرضي
مش قادرة أترجم ألمي للغة اللي تقدر فهمها
مش قادرة أتحمل بعد
مش قادرة أواجهك بعد
כל כך נמאס לי לברוח מהאמת, לקרוא את החדשות, ולהעמיד פנים שהכל טוב
וכל מה שאני רואה זה את החומות שאתם בונים
את בני האדם שאתם הורגים
את הכסף שיוצא לבנות עוד נשק, במקום להאכיל את העניים
אתם הורגים
אתם לוקחים
אתם מגדלים שנאה בכל מקום
למה לא לגדל דורות של שלום בעיר שכוחת האל הזו. תגידו לי למה
אני לא מבקשת מדינה או דגל. אני לא מבקשת את האדמה שלי
אני לא יכולה לתרגם את הכאב שלי לשפה שתבינו
אני כבר לא מסוגלת
אני כבר לא יכולה להתמודד אתכם

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