The "Dictionary of Peace"

The "Dictionary of Peace"

Reflection Of Thousand Millennia and Coexistence to Peace, inspiring movements Dictionary, through its leaders, Agnes and Mary Martha Hall Palomeque.

How many times we can replace the word "struggle" for "work", "work" or "construction"?

Do I need to "Let's aim" permanently whenever you wish to express a simple orientation?

Let's take the time to analyze any text related to a topic: political, economic, educational, social, artistic, religious, sports, etc.. or any stories, information, description is developed in the media, or conferences, or dialogues and observe how many times were used strong words of military origin, military or warrior perfectly could be replaced by other equally powerful but peaceful.

Very interesting addition, this exercise implemented, has proven to be quite effective in sustaining a knowledge or a dialogue that really seeks to resolve conflict positively. So it is also a good proposal to work in homes with parents and children in schools with teachers and students.

History further explored by an index of wars and conquerors, but in the study of history builds peace, there will be growing room for alliances, pacts and agreements that gave solution to every encounter and for which the world goes on .

With this purpose we created in October 2011, the Dictionary of Peace, as a virtual book blog format with reflections and other content to heal and build our language from the word Peace.

Thus arose from the announcement made by the Peace Council of Argentina (ABLE) to civil society organizations, educational institutions and interested individuals to cooperate with the investigation, identification and collection of voices, expressions and words identified with Culture Peace, in the framework of the "Lexicon Culture of Peace".

"The words and symbols, - says the presentation - by His creative power, are of great importance in the development of a culture of peace. Can degrade or ennoble, discourage or encourage. Every communication we do gives us the opportunity to choose to generate peace and communion in our life and the lives of others. "

Powered by Mil Millennia of Peace and Coexistence Of the Peace, has several sections for reflection, awareness and training on this topic: Texts that help us think and construct a language of peace; texts that talk about peace, inspirational phrases , videos, special guest columns, stories, collection of voices, words, phrases origins everyday war, military or violent expressions can be replaced by harmonious, peaceful and positive.

Also, and especially, is a space open to the community, through an email, so that all stakeholders can make their contribution to the dictionary and its reflection: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All are invited to enter our blog and participate actively, both implementing some of our proposals, and providing sentences, suggesting new ideas and actions and sharing experiences, to heal the word and build peace.


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