Today, in Israel, we vote for life and for peace

Today, in Israel, we vote for life and for peace

The Monument to the Future Victims of the Conflict is an extraordinary multiplication of graves, dedicated to future victims of the conflict. Through peepholes in the installation,  viewers look into a room, where they see a tombstone - reflected many times over by mirrors that create a vision of a cemetery, calling from the grave the cry of past victims to the general public: "We don't want you here"in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

On March 8th, 2015, to mark International Women's Day, in front of this symbol of the ongoing loss, bereaved Palestinian and Israeli women came together to  call for a change. The women called presidents Reuven Rivlin and Mahmoud Abbas to do all that is in their power to bring about a resumption of peace talks and an end to the conflict:

"We have to demand from our leaders, as well as ourselves, to speak out and refuse to engage in the violence that rages in our region. And we promise you, our sisters in the occupied territories, that when we go to the polls on 17th March, we will vote for a party where women are influential partners, a party that carries the banner of equality, social justice, human rights and an end to the occupation".
Michal Pundak Sagi, bereaved Israeli member of the PCFF

"My voice is the voice of all mothers. We must assume responsibility for the future of our children. Help us. Give us a chance, let us keep our children. We don't want them to grow up hating, thinking that weapons are the solution. There is another solution called dialogue and a recognition of the other's rights."
Aisha Aktam, bereaved Palestinian member of the PCFF


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