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2009 Right Livelihood Award

2009 Right Livelihood Award

Ole von Uexkull, executive director of the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. announced last week this year's winners at a news conference in Stockholm.  Swedish-German philanthropist von Uexkull founded the awards in 1980 to recognize the work he felt was being ignored by the Nobel Prizes.  The Right Livelihood Awards will be presented in a ceremony at the Swedish Parliament on December 4, six days before the Nobel Prizes are handed out. 

Rene Ngongo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Alyn Ware from New Zealand and Catherine Hamlin from Australia will each receive 50,000 euros ($74,000 US) for their awards.  The honorary part of the award, without prize money, went to Canada's David Suzuki.

A synposis of the work of each of the recipients follows along with a citation given to support their awards.