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Fatmire Feka

Fatmire Feka

“I wanted peace because…I never had peace in my life. That’s why I said I wanted something, and most of the children there also wanted something, but they didn’t know what they wanted because they didn’t know what peace, tolerance, reconciliation, children’s rights were. You know, they didn’t know what that means for them.  The children of Kosovo need to move away from the constant violence. We will do what it takes to bring peace to our communities. We are the future, and the future is in our hands."


Fatimire's Story in Her Own Words

I live in the village of Koshtovo which is next to a river and is surrounded by hills. I have six sisters (one of whom is married) and three brothers. My father passed away last year and we live with our mother.

When the war in Kosovo started in 1999, my family fled our village as our house was burned down and our community was attacked by Serb military forces. As we fled the violence our family was split up and my brother Sami and sister Sadette, who were 17 and 19 years old, went missing. Today, seven years later, they remain missing and my family continues to look for answers about what has happened to them. This has been a long and very painful process me and my family.