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Playback Stories

The Center School Project

The Center School Project

The Center School is an arts and college preparatory public school in Seattle, Washington. It is located in the Center House, a multi-purpose building on the grounds of the Seattle Center. Because of its unique placement, the Center School is affiliated with several local arts organizations, including the Seattle Repertory Theatre.  The Voices Education Project worked with Center School faculty during this past school year on their Humanities study of Latin America.

The Humanities coursework focused on Latin America: first nations, colonialism, how the region moved to independence and struggled to create a modern identity. Students traced topics through a case study approach and conducted research focusing primarily on the issues of: environment, resource exploitation, human rights, and political and economic stability.

In addition to the reading and research the cousework incorporated two other major activities: The Latin American Revolutionary Figure and Theatre of the Oppressed.  Both activities required students to transform the information they read about and collected in a portrait (see Revolutionary Self Portraits in this section) and an original short play in the style of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed (learn more about Boal in Jacque Larranzer's interview in this section).  The interviews in this section of the website are part of the research students conducted for their play.

Voices wishes to thanks the administration, staff and students for their involvement with the Playback Project.

Lisa Escobar, First Semester
John German, Second Semester

Humanities Faculty
Andrew Bell
Gerardine Carroll
Rick Monroe

Art Faculty
Wyn Pottinger-Levy

Seattle Repertory Theatre Teaching Artist
Beverly Lackey
The Playback Series is partially funded by the Laird Norton Foundation