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Waging Peace

Illustration by Richard Stine

A special publication of Voices [Education Project]

To commemorate and celebrate The International Day of Peace 2009 - September 21, 2009


  1. Voices of Children at McClure Middle School Seattle, Washington 
  2. Abdi Ahmed--War
  3. John Copley Alter--Exit
  4. John Copley Alter--Hard Rain, for Rachel Corrie
  5. John Copley Alter--Conscientious Objection
  6. Tristan Alving--As Long as: A Psalm of Peace
  7. Jan Barry--Make a New History
  8. Richard Stine--War 
  9. Richard Stine--Madmen
  10. Joe Bruchac--Tao Says
  11. Joe Bruchac--With Peacemaker’s Eyes
  12. Laura Carpenter--Lima Charlie
  13. Anne Carmen-Hendel—Encourage One Another
  14. Luisa Chan--How long will it take?
  15. Marijana Ciric--I am
  16. Tim Connelly--A Greek Tragedy
  17. Tim Connelly--Children of the Con
  18. Tim Connelly--Village in Which Innocents Died
  19. John Davis--Armistice
  20. Brian Berman –Stairsteps to Peace
  21. Yasmin Elmi--A Story, Somalia
  22. Kerby Fleurine--Pain
  23. Renny Golden--Six Plum Trees
  24. Renny Golden--Guatemala, Nunca Mas
  25. Elizabeth Smith--Tree of Genetic Memory 
  26. David Goodlett--House Owners
  27. Linda Ohlson Graham--Beginnings 
  28. Mike Lisagor--Two Seagulls
  29. Linda Ohlson Graham--Destination: Peace on Earth
  30. Gerald Gutierrez--War
  31. Monia Haman--My Life
  32. David Hathaway--Society is You and Me
  33. Merna Hecht--Tell Me
  34. Elizabeth Smith--Conversations with Trees: Freedom to utter and be heard
  35. Merna Hecht--The American President visits My Country before Leaving Office (December 2008)
  36. Merna Hecht--Kitchen Confidential 
  37. Hiroshima Memorial, Seattle 2005
  38. Judyth Hill--Wage Peace
  39. Richard Stine--To the end of all possibilities
  40. Barbara Kaufmann--Could Use a Little Help Here, Humanity!
  41. Barbara Kaufmann--Memorial Day Doesn’t Tell A War
  42. Hana Broadbent--Harmonizing Notes
  43. Muhammad Yunus Khan--Preaching Peace
  44. Mujo Kicic--Leaving Home
  45. Robin Leigh--Tides
  46. Karen Malpede--Prophecy—An Excerpt
  47. Lew Poorman--The Curse of Vietnam
  48. Jack McLean--Maggots and Gold
  49. Stephen Mead--Hands
  50. Stephen Mead--Against
  51. Stephen Mead--Rice
  52. Stephen Mead--Deserter
  53. Stephen Mead --Antigone’s Map
  54. Ivona Ogramic--Camouflage
  55. Christina Pacosz--How Is It a Satellite Photo of the Sea of Azov Appears in My Dream?
  56. Christina Pacosz--In the Garden
  57. Elizabeth Smith--Fading of Memory
  58. Christina Pacosz--Summer is Fraying
  59. Sara Paponjak--Empty Night
  60. Buntu Redempter--Scary Moments
  61. Susan Salidor--I Got Peace in My Fingers
  62. Maryam Sami--My Life is Like a Dream that can never be forgotten
  63. Wanda VanHoy Smith--Spelling Peace
  64. Richard Stine--Equal Powers 
  65. Richard Stine--Hero’s Bullet
  66. Craig Teichen--All Your Weapons
  67. Craig Teichen--The Explosion
  68. Craig Teichen--The Argument
  69. Michael Valeri --Change The World! (Jeff Beheshti)
  70. Joe Volk--Dear World Leaders
  71. Yonas Woldermichael--Welcome to America
  72. Ernie Wormwood--Oh, Comrades of Every Country
  73. Sarah Zale--Mornings in Beit Jala
  74. Sarah Zale—for Taha Muhammed Ali
  75. Sarah Zale--It is Time
  76. Mike Lisagor--Partial Tulip
  77. Sarah Zale--The Chosen
  78. Richard Stine--We only have one life


Writers’ and Artists’ Biographies

Waging Peace Poems


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