Powerful Conversations: Arousing the Heart, Mind and Spirit

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Duration: 4 conversations over 7 weeks with one LIVE 2 hour zoom call on alternate weeks:

Dates: MONDAYS beginning June 8, 2020, 1:00 pm Pacific Time (9 p.m. London, 6am Tuesday June 9 Sydney)

Zoom Dates (mark your calendar): June 8, June 22, July 6, July 20

Registration: Opening Soon!

We are living in a time of high uncertainty; some people are highly sensitized and stressed by what they hear, see and imagine; others are excited by the possibility of healthy change that will sustain the planet and humanity. How we have conversations is especially impactful. Our intention in this course is to deepen conversation skills and practices supporting new ways of operating for a sustainable and peaceful co-existence.

In our experience everyone can improve their confidence and satisfaction in their relationships with clients, customers, patients, students, colleagues, employees, community groups, suppliers, parents, partners, children and friends. Further to accomplish the big dreams, projects and successes that we all desire, conversations with individuals and larger groups are essential. How and whether we are in these conversations has a dramatic impact on how others physiological and emotional response (Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser); these in turn directly influence the resulting intention, engagement, momentum, decisions and actions towards our success.

"Judging by what I have learned about women and men, I am convinced that far more idealistic aspiration exists than is ever evident.  Just as the rivers we see are much less numerous than the underground streams, so the idealism that is visible is minor compared to what women and men carry in their hearts, unreleased or scarcely released. Humankind is waiting and longing for those who can accomplish the task of untying what is knotted and bringing the underground waters to the surface." - Albert Schweitzer

Conversation is a significant (if not the most significant) mode of human interaction in learning and making change; especially at this time when we have been physically isolated relying on our voices, but mostly technology for social connection and learning. Conversation is a practice that builds trust, relationships, shifts beliefs, attitudes and thinking as well as motivates choices, decisions and actions. “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

Recent research about the brain physiology as well as the impact and consequences of how we are in conversation indicates the skills and practices of conversation are the foundation of how people journey together for better experiences, solutions and outcomes for humanity and the planet. 

Our desires and success are fully realized in the world through intimacy, play, personal mastery, contribution, service, achievement and legacy; all of which require of us to engage in the world with other people. There is always more to refine in our self-awareness and way of operating: what we know of self (“I”), in how we interact with others (“We) and our purpose or work in the world (“It).

A leader is one who has more faith in others than they do in themselves, and who courageously and patiently, holds opportunities open long enough for their self-confidence to emerge.” - Margaret Wheatley

Course Overview

More than ever there is an urgency and importance to be comfortable and confident in intimate conversations. We all are addressing massive uncertainties raising new insights and vision of possibilities as well as facing losses and fears. Our elders and their loved ones are more openly facing death and disease; our children want encouragement, creativity and to be heard; our clients want to be listened to, acknowledged and to work together towards mutually-created solutions and actions with compassion. Through refining conversation skills and practices, we reach a place of resonance more effectively; connecting at levels of purpose and meaning, feelings and emotions as well as words and actions aligning across diversity and creating a more open and trusting society as well as a sustainable environment. As humans we are wired for curiosity, kindness and reciprocity. 

The course is based on leading developments in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, stress, leadership, leading change, coaching, peace and reflective practice.

This online course is hosted through Zoom, with additional materials located in Ruzuku (an online learning platform). The course will include large and small group conversations, experiential practices, appreciative inquiry, and reflective practices. This is an opportunity to be part of a global community of like-minded individuals who want to learn more about self-awareness, relating and connecting to others, and engaging in leading change.

This material has been used extensively to develop self-awareness, trust and relationship within groups, and transforming ways of operating. It is applied in organizations in business, institutions, non-profits, social enterprises, community networks and collaborations across governments. People in all roles and situations: leaders, front-line workers, families and at risk youths regardless of background, education or wealth.

How Does This Course Work?

  • This course is a series of action-learning experiences comprised of 4 on-line conversations over 7 weeks. Each conversation is 2 hours.
  • This course will meet bi-weekly (every second week), via Zoom, for two hours, in order to engage in “face-to-face” dialogue with participants.
  • The information for each session will be located on the Ruzuku Education Platform for participants to review at their leisure.
  • Participants are encouraged to engage in ongoing dialogue through the discussion board in Ruzuku.

Course Outline

This course works with 3 levels of engagement:

I – self awareness. Who am I and how do I intend to show up and engage?

We – who are the people I am engaging with? What do I know of their purpose, interests and strengths in engaging?

It – what is our common purpose, meaning and mission in engaging? 

Further, in all the conversations we provide learning in 3 ways: through transfer of knowledge and know-how, reflection on practice, feedforward to assist others be all they intend to be and positively impact outcomes. Our intention is to offer learning situations that can be taken into daily life.

Workshop 1: Just Be

In this workshop you will:

  • Meet others in the course.
  • Understand conversational guidelines to create a container for the learning experience.
  • Form practice triads and prepare for practice (homework between workshops).
  • Be invited to share a real life scenario (anonymous, not confidential).

You will have the opportunity to learn and dialog about:

  • Why compassionate conversation skills matter.
  • 7 essential compassionate conversational skills are.
  • Your strengths and intentions; what might derail you?
  • How to establish a safe environment for deeper conversations.
  • Practices for presence.
  • Practices for deep listening.
  • A Compassionate Conversation model.
  • How to observe and give feedforward.

Workshop 2: Be Curious

  • In this workshop you will:
  • Reflect on your learning and practices to date.
  • Work with real life scenarios (anonymous, not confidential).

You will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to deepen conversations into greater honesty, clarity.
  • Practices for questions.
  • Practices for envisioning and imagineering.
  • How to apply a Compassionate Conversation model
  • How to be in a real scenario.
  • Observation and feedforward.

Workshop 3: Be Creative

  • Reflect on your learning and practices to date.
  • Review and refine conversational guidelines for the learning experience.
  • Work with a real life scenario (anonymous, not confidential).

You will have the opportunity to learn

  • How to deepen conversations understanding motivations, agreements and accountability.
  • Practices for understanding motivation.
  • Practices for building momentum and commitment.
  • How to be in a real scenario.
  • Observation and feedforward.

Workshop 4: Be Reflective

 In this workshop you will:

  • Reflect on your learning and practices to date.
  • Review and refine conversational guidelines for the learning experience.
  • Setup ongoing practice triads.
  • Explore challenging scenarios (anonymous, not confidential).

You will have the opportunity to learn

  • How to observe, encounter and provide feedforward.
  • Practices for awareness and observation.
  • Practices for engaging when differences and conflict arise.
  • Practices for challenging situations.
  • How to be in a real scenario.
  • Observation and feedforward.

Questions about the program?  Please contact Eileen Page at . www.InnovationAdvantage2020.com. Innovation Advantage 2020 is pleased to offer this course in partnership with the Charter for Compassion.

Course Facilitator and Guide:

Eileen Page B. Sc. (Hons), MBA

Facilitator, Leadership Coach, Transformation Leader and Social Innovator

Eileen engages people, organizations, communities and systems in meaningful conversations to raise awareness of what really matters. Individuals and groups build momentum for the future they envision. By establishing conversation guidelines and a safe environment, people with diverse experiences and perspectives build trust, openness and confidence to be honest, learn and challenge(d) in collaborative ways. She designs, facilitates and guides purposeful conversations while building skills and practices that strengthen individual satisfaction in the situation and/or work, how people work together, as well as thinking and action for the future.

Over the past thirty years, Eileen has guided values-driven individuals and groups to achieve new levels of connection, creativity and impact, through a ground-breaking process that surfaces more potential in a practical way to make powerful change, while developing individual resilience. She has worked with people, including indigenous people, in all sectors, many industries, sizes of groups and several cultures and countries including Canada, USA, New Zealand and Kenya.

Eileen designs, teaches and presents leadership, transformation, coaching, quality conversations, visioning, strategy, organizations, culture shift and change in both academic and in-house settings.  Clients always achieve more than was believed possible.

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