Communicating Emotions: Useful Words

Communicating Emotions: Useful Words

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Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life offers an invaluable method for helping to resolve conflicts constructively, whether you’re directly involved or not, and even if you’re the only person there who knows anything about it.

Among the resources offered on the Nonviolent Communication Web site at is a list of words used to describe emotions. These are valuable in any kind of communication about feelings partly because of how tricky it sometimes is to convey exactly how we feel to another person and partly to help us differentiate between emotions and judgments. 

Feelings when your needs are satisfied

compassionate empowered appreciative calm
friendly open moved clear headed
loving proud thankful comfortable
open hearted safe touched centered
sympathetic secure   content
tender   INSPIRED equanimous
  EXCITED amazed fulfilled
  amazed awed mellow
ENGAGED animated wonder quiet
absorbed ardent   relaxed
alert aroused JOYFUL relieved
curious astonished amused satisfied
engrossed dazzled delighted serene
enchanted eager glad still
entranced energetic happy tranquil
fascinated enthusiastic jubilant trusting
interested giddy pleased  
intrigued invigorated tickled REFRESHED
involved lively   enlivened
spellbound passionate EXHILARATED rejuvenated
stimulated surprised blissful renewed
    ecstatic rested
HOPEFUL   elated restored
expectant   enthralled revived
encouraged   exuberant  
optimistic   radiant  

Feelings when your needs are not satisfied

apprehensive ambivalent ashamed
dread baffled chagrined
foreboding bewildered flustered
frightened dazed guilty
mistrustful hesitant mortified
panicked lost self-conscious
petrified mystified  
scared perplexed FATIGUE
suspicious puzzled beat
terrified torn burnt out
wary   depleted
worried DISCONNECTED exhausted
  alienated lethargic
ANNOYED aloof listless
aggravated apathetic sleepy
dismayed bored tired
disgruntled cold weary
displeased detached worn out
exasperated distant  
frustrated distracted PAIN
impatient indifferent agony
irritated numb anguished
irked removed bereaved
  uninterested devastated
ANGRY withdrawn grief
enraged   heartbroken
furious DISQUIET hurt
incensed agitated lonely
indignant alarmed miserable
irate discombobulated regretful
livid disconcerted remorseful
outraged disturbed  
resentful perturbed SAD
  rattled depressed
AVERSION restless dejected
animosity shocked despair
appaled startled despondent
contempt surprised disappointed
disgusted troubled discouraged
dislike turbulent disheartened
hate turmoil forlorn
horrified uncomfortable gloomy
hostile uneasy heavy hearted
repulsed unnerved hopeless
  unsettled melancholy
  upset unhappy

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