The Green Economy

The Green Economy

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Double the number of green jobs over 2010 levels by 2020.

Double the number of companies that are actively engaged in greening their operations over 2011 levels by 2020.

Vancouver’s green economy is growing more than twice as fast as traditional sectors. The green economy includes jobs in clean technology and products, green building design and construction, sustainability consulting and education, recycling and composting, local food, green transportation, and much, much more.

Green jobs can be found across traditional and new industry sectors. For example, many of the resource-based companies headquartered in Vancouver have sustainability departments, which have created green jobs, as have energy and environment groups at Vancouver’s more progressive financial institutions and telecommunications companies. Vancouver’s emerging eco-fashion innovators are finding ways to use sustainably produced fabrics and other materials in their manufacturing processes. Many of BC’s clean technology companies that are working towards energy solutions such as solar, wind and tidal power, as well as bio-energy technologies, also call Vancouver home.
Green economic development is also about greening all sectors of the economy, encouraging organizations and businesses to make environmentally responsible improvements in their operations. This may mean sourcing recycled, reclaimed or locally manufactured materials, taking steps to improve energy efficiency, or reducing the amount of solid waste that businesses produce.

There’s a strong business case for going green. Efforts to increase environmentally sound practices save money, including savings from reduced waste disposal and energy costs. A green company also benefits from access to contracts with organizations that have sustainable purchasing requirements. In addition, companies that recognize the benefits of integrating their business systems internally as well as with other companies and organizations will find opportunities for improved productivity, innovative business processes, creation of shared value, and additional revenue streams.

By embracing green economic development, Vancouver businesses can be more competitive, gain market share, and prepare for carbon regulation, all by improving their environmental performance. Developing Vancouver’s green economy is an opportunity and a necessity on the path to a healthy and sustainable future for our city.


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