Rochester Friends Meeting


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We welcome you to our meeting for worship in the confident expectation that both members and visitors will benefit from a mutual search for the truth which is of God.  Our worship is a spiritual search, a waiting upon God, listening for that still, small voice we call the Inner Light or the Inner Christ.

Rochester Friends worship is unprogrammed, with no formal liturgy or minister.  In meeting we are led to listen most of the time in silence to the ministry of the Inward Light, each quietly seeking to know first hand the presence of God and to discover an immediate sense of Divine leading.

No one needs to speak, but all are invited to share the fruits of their meditations as they are led by the Spirit.  Worship is not a discussion or forum.  We do not argue, challenge, or criticize during worship.  We listen to what has been spoken and quietly return to our center without any dialogue.

Worship lasts approximately 60 minutes and ends when the clerk joins hands with the persons next to him or her.  All are asked to join hands in a circle.

We come because the Quaker way of worship offers a sanctuary of silence where we can quiet ourselves to feel and know what is really true.  We can rest in the healing power of the silence and restore our souls.

We come because we need others who are walking a similar spiritual path, trusting that they will hold us up when we stumble; knowing that we will do the same should they fall.  We are the faces of hope for each other.

We come because Quakers affirm that "there is that of God in everyone" and full respect is given to all.

Rochester Friends Meeting has just become a Sanctuary Support Church.

Location: Rochester, Minnesota, USA
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