“We are women who are committed to empowering ourselves, one another and the community thru our daily actions, dialogue, shared leadership, community service and providing educational opportunities  by conforming to the highest and deepest values of all of our faith traditions.”

The Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope, known as SARAH, is composed of interfaith women committed to making a difference in our communities. We recognize that collaboration is essential to community building and we empower one another to make a real difference towards peace and understanding. Our practices are dialogue, community service, panel discussions, and guest speakers. We meet to discuss and expand our experiences of women's spirituality in the home, community, and the world. Through these practices we learn about one another’s cultural and spiritual foundations in order to enrich our own lives, and together improve our communities.    

"...as women of the community we had not only an obligation but the immense power to make a difference together..."    

S.A.R.A.H. is also a proud "Cooperation Circle” of the United Religions Initiative.

Therefore, we accept the responsibility to act in accordance with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles of the URI;

1. We are a bridge-building organization, not a religion.

2. We respect the sacred wisdom of each religion, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions.

3. We respect the differences among religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions.

4. We encourage our members to deepen their roots in their own tradition.

5. We listen and speak with respect to deepen mutual understanding and trust.

6. We give and receive hospitality.

7. We seek and welcome the gift of diversity and model practices that do not discriminate.

8. We practice equitable participation of women and men in all aspects of the URI.

9.We practice the healing and reconciliation to resolve conflict without resorting to violence.

10.We act from sound ecological practices to protect and preserve the Earth for both present and future generations.

11. We seek and offer cooperation with other interfaith efforts.

12. We welcome as members all individuals, organizations and associations who subscribe to the Preamble, Purpose and Principles.

13. We have the authority to make decisions at the most local level that includes all relevant and affective parties.

14. We have the right to organize in any manner, at any scale, in any area, and around any issue or activity which is relevant to and consistent with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles.

15. Our deliberations and decisions shall be made at every level by bodies and methods that fairly represent the diversity of affected interests and are not dominated by any.

16. We shall relinquish to develop financial and other resources to meet the needs of our part, and to share financial and other resources to help meet the needs of other parts.

17. We have the responsibility to develop financial and other resources to meet the needs of our part, and to share financial and other resources to help meet the needs of other parts.

18. We maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, prudent use of resources and fair and accurate disclosure of information.

19. We are committed to organizational learning and adaptation.

20. We honor the richness and diversity of all languages and the right and responsibility of participants to translate and interpret the Charter, Bylaws and related documents in accordance with the Preamble, Purpose and Principles, and the spirit of the United Religions Initiative.

Location: Los Angelos, California, USA




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