Participating Communities: Santa Cruz, California, USA

Participating Communities by Charter for Compassion

Compassionate Santa Cruz strives to promote compassion within individuals, families and the entire Santa Cruz community. By creating awareness of our common humanity and fostering connections between citizens and organizations, we seek to make Santa Cruz a more prosperous, cohesive and compassionate place.

Our Mission

Creating a community space for compassionate listening and speaking between groups and individuals whose opinions differ
Taking compassionate action in addressing the human and environmental challenges
Santa Cruz faces
Providing opportunities to learn and share information about the benefits
of compassion and empathy in creating a safe and healthy community

Some activities and events we are planning:

Incoming SC Mayor Don Lane announces the year of compassionate action
Martin Luther Kind Day of Service—Launch campaign for pledges of Voluntary Service
Speaker on the Science of Compassion
Community workshops on compassionate listening and speaking
Community and neighborhood roundtables seeking new ways to converse about difficult community issues (including World Café events)
First Friday Art Tour will dedicate one month to celebrating compassion and empathy through the arts
Santa Cruz City Council meetings highlight compassionate action throughout the year
UCSC day of compassionate service in the community
Celebration and elevation of existing compassionate community events including: The Human Race, Cesar
Chavez Day, Serve the Bay, Coastal Cleanup Day, Make a Difference Day and many more (we’d love to include your event, too!)
Prayer breakfast to unite the community in compassion

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