Science and Research Partners


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  1. Bernard Lievegoed Research Center at Free University Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  2. Carson Topping (Atlanta, GA, USA)
  3. Center for Compassion & Alturism Research & Education--CCARE (Palo Alto, CA, USA)
  4. Community Chef Center, LLC (Kennesaw, GA, USA)
  5. Corpo de Psicóloos e Psiquiatras Cristãos (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  6. Deep Time Walk CIC (Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM)
  7. Empatica XR & eRMLab Collective  (Zurich, Switzerland)
  8. Feliciencia Institute(Brasilia, Brazil)
  9. Focus Homes United, LLC (Atlanta GA, USA)
  10. Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley, CA, USA)
  11. HaritaDhara Research Development and Education Foundation (Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
  12. Integral Scientific Institute (Dallas, TX, USA)
  13. International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation (Mount Vernon, NY, USA)
  14. International Research Centre for Communication in Healthcare
  15. NYCNVC Compassion Course (New York, NY, USA)
  16. Peace Science Digest(Portland, OR, USA)
  17. Perot Museum of Nature and Science (Dallas, TX, USA)
  18. University of Louisville School of Medicine (Louisville, KY, USA)
  19. Qualia (Barreiro, Setubal, Portugal)
  20. Research Development Association (RDA) (Jaipur, Rajasthan, India)
  21. SDG18 (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA)
  22. Stitching PRI (Past Reality Integration) (Castricum, Netherlands)
  23. The Boniuk Institute for the Study and Advancement of Religious Tolerance (Houston, TX, USA)
  24. The Compassionate Mind Foundation (Derby, United Kingdom)
  25. The Great Compassion March (N. Tustin, CA, USA)
  26. The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) (Newburgh, NY, USA)
  27. Transitionist Movement (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  28. Wild Swan Resources (Sacramento, CA, USA)
  29. Wired@Heart (Chicago, IL, USA)
  30. Wright Mind - Well-being Consultants (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand)
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