Empatica XR & eRMLab Collective

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EmpaticaXR is an evolutionary transformative collective designing the world’s first immersive XR (MR+VR) collaborative and cinematic interactive game to spread empathy and compassion in physical and virtual space.
EmpaticaXR is the ultimate metaverse full of wonder and awe that explains the workings of our life force turning minds and consciousness from the inside out by engaging the emotional power of the cinematic narrative arts with the massive democratization and personalization granted by XR (MR+VR), AI & biometric technologies.
The line of research includes scientific disciplines such as neurocinematics, neuromarketing, biometric tech, virtual and augmented reality and machine learning algorithms in conjunction with the storytelling narrative and visual arts to be applied in disciplines such as education in healthcare, well-being, interpersonal and intrapersonal emotional education.
Location: Zurich, Switzerland


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