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Copenhagen, Denmark

Partners K-O (Copenhagen, Denmark)

People who are developing, uncovering their hidden resources, and growing and contributing themselves to the world, they enjoy this exchange. It is meaningful. And we all have many hidden forces within us. It can be seen very restricting not to be in contact with those resources - to get out of even oppressive band, and get out in the world in exchange with others. To be oneself.

In ex. psychotherapy, body therapy, coaching and mindfulness, you can learn to sink into yourself, and establish gradual contact with the many layers in you. Here you can experience an ocean of calm and strength. It is the key for continuing inquiry - it's beautiful and simple. And it is liberating to bring, what you feel is necessary, out in the world.

Anne Joergensen's company is built up step by step through the development process that Ms. Joergensen continuously is part of, since her company started in 1986. Focus has always been pleasure, joy and inspiration in the development of personal and professional potential, and her commitment in cases which support a dignified life for people. From that base she has been an inspiration for many other people in developing their own version. For her, authentic leadership is an expression of life, and not just words.

Depending on the needs and objectives, which of course are changing at different life situations, we prioritize differently and learn from different types of support. Ms. Joergensen contributes to several types of skills she has developed to help the current situation. For private clients it can be psychotherapy, body therapy, couples therapy, or mindfulness. For business, for example process management, coaching, personal leadership or from mindfulness to heartfulness.

But whatever form, the essence of her work is: Presence, openness, warmth, creativity and joy - that's the way she supports change and is with you, and from that base solutions will come.



Copenhagen, Denmark



Life Process



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