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A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.” Buddha

Welcome to the Charter for Compassion ’s page for Partners of the Social Services sector. Here’s what you will find on this page.

  • What role do social services play in supporting the global movement for compassion?
  • How does a social services organization become a partner of the Charter for Compassion ?
  • What groups or organizations are already Partners of the Social Services sector?

What role do social services play in supporting the global movement for compassion?

How did we get here?

The origin of social services dates back to the fourth century with churches providing for the poor, homeless, ill, and orphans. With the emergence of urbanization and industrialization came more formalized social welfare organizations, followed by a movement to address a multitude of social issues.

Today, public service organizations deliver direct services and programs that aim to promote well-being, opportunity, sustainability, as well as build stronger communities.

What does compassion have to do with it?

The very essence of public service is compassionate action. A compassionate service provider responds to social issues with a compassionate heart and lens. Typically developed around a profound awareness of the suffering in the world, social service organizations aim to alleviate that suffering through support and service provision. A compassionate service agency is culturally competent and promotes tolerance and humane interactions in how one learns another’s story-while integrating ethical policies for a more kind and just world.

More and more as a society we recognize our interdependence and how assisting the individual in turn has significant impact on the collective good.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Mahatma Gandhi

How does a social services organization become a partner of the Charter for Compassion ?

Here at the Charter for Compassion, we are now asking, “What if?” What if we now turned our collective attention and our human ingenuity—in social services, business, education, healthcare, religion and all of our human endeavors--to create a compassionate global community where people are motivated by compassion to take responsibility for and care for each other?

That is the vision of the Charter for Compassion (CFC). Individuals, organizations, and institutions around the world are already working to bring compassion to life in their communities, taking responsibility for the well-being of people and the planet.

We invite you to join us—to weave your compassion with the same heartfelt impulse of both friends and strangers throughout the Earth. Read about how to become a partner, and raise your voice for compassion with other Partners and members of the CFC community.


The Social Services Sector lead is Yvette Newton. To contact the Social Services Sector lead, send us an email.


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