Shimmer the Glowworm

Shimmer the Glowworm


Shimmer the Glowworm is a global mascot for children that represents the idea of oneness. The book, songs, musical production, and SHOW YOUR GLOW slogan engage children in a fun, happy way that children resonate with. The lessons in the story are multi-layered and center around "I AM." The ME TREE that Shimmer lives in is used in classrooms to teach mindfulness and reinforce the concept that - I AM love, music, art, beauty, joy, peace, wisdom, curiosity, color, etc.

Through Shimmer's journey to find her glow, she meets different animals that are each facing a personal challenge to recognize their unique qualities and talents. When Shimmer inspires and encourages them, her glow begins to show.

She helps Ollie the Owl see that we all have inner wisdom and that the answers are inside us.

Cray the Chameleon learns the importance of expressing our own uniqueness and embracing it in ourselves and others.

Kiki the Kangaroo learns the significance of expressing our greatness; that there is no benefit in downplaying our talents and abilities so others won't feel insecure and that our talents and abilities can enrich the lives of others.

Scout the Raccoon learns the value in exploring and trying new things and the importance of not giving up when you're faced with challenges and obstacles, and that her curiosity can help others with the new things she discovers.

Shelby Herman created Shimmer the Glowworm to instill in children that they are inherently special. If children can understand this at an early age, they can grow and thrive, no matter what the circumstances. When we foster our inner qualities and accept our own unique differences as strengths, we empower our sense of self in a healthy fashion.

Shimmer the Glowworm's core message is that of oneness; that we are unique and special individually and also an indispensable part of the whole and as such, to value ourselves and others for who we are and for our gifts.

Shimmer the Glowworm wants you to SHOW YOUR GLOW!

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