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My Sister's Place Haiti

Jonesboro, GA, USA


My Sister's Place Haiti, Inc. (Jonesboro, GA, USA)

Our Mission

We actively pursue the protection of the human rights of women and girls by eradicating human trafficking and modern-day slavery in Haiti.

Our Goal

We exist to identify, rescue and restore those victimized and vulnerable to human trafficking by providing a safe environment, access to healthcare, technological and vocational education and increase the opportunities available to the participants in our program. 

The My Sister’s Place Haiti team is committed to the movement of aiding victims of human trafficking.  Each day, when victims of human trafficking walk into the My Sister’s Place Haiti for the first time, they get what they need immediately.  They receive meals, a warm bed and clean clothes.  Victims also receive medical care if required.  Currently, more than a third of the victims require medical care.  Once they are safe, our case managers work with participants on a plan to achieve their goals and their dreams.  The staff promises to help both participants and their parents to achieve this plan. The participants also enter into an agreement with themselves to ensure that they respond to their own needs and realize their goals.



Jonesboro, GA, USA



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