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The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project was built on the belief that all people deserve access to education, and that the creative spirit is an essential part of our humanity. Education, for us, means introducing new levels of engagement with curiosity, creativity, and intellectual pursuits. 

Education, for us, means fostering pathways through the inherent interconnectedness of learning and creating. The kind of educational engagement we believe in becomes a way of living, where people have individual agency and voice and become the agents of change in their communities.

We work to create spaces of respect, trust, and empathy where people have the opportunity—through the act of learning—to take ownership of their stories and journeys. APAEP exists for students, and we value their voices to help shape our community  and our future initiatives.


Contact Information

Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project
1061 Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849


Website: Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project


Relationship to Other Charter for Compassion Sectors and Programs: arts, education and healthcare



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