Stillwaters Mindfulness

Stillwaters Mindfulness


Stillwaters. . . restoring the soul of health and education through mindfulness-based personal and professional development programs.
The simple act of slowing down becomes a powerful teacher in the midst of the hectic pace of modern life, so programs offered by Stillwaters are, by design, SLOW. This SLOW process and framework is informed by Kay’s training as a facilitator of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and by her Courage to Teach TeacherLeader Fellowship. Mindfulness-based educational offerings are designed to cultivate our innate human capacity for wholehearted awareness. They focus on inner resources for self-reflection and on practices that train our capacity to pay attention to present moment experience with a sense of openness, curiosity and acceptance.

Stillwaters mindfulness-based approach to wholehearted renewal and professional development flows out of the complex interplay and framework of SLOW:

S - settle the mind
L - listen to the body
O - open the heart
W - wait for the soul

SLOW re-minds participants to bring mindfulness and self-reflection into their daily lives. The healing powers of mind renewal come through both formal mindfulness practices and courage invitations rooted in soul-deep connections inspired through poetry, story, and creative self-expression. Mindfulness feeds self-reflection and self-reflection feeds mindfulness. The interplay of mindfulness and self-reflective practice moves throughout the SLOW process in order to settle the mind, listen to the body, open the heart, and wait for the soul.

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

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