Take the Peace Pledge

peacepledgeThe supreme value of loving-kindness and compassion can have an enormous positive impact on the world today. These values in action help us realize our humanity and are the foundation for necessary just policies to bring peace and stability. It is an essential birthright for all humankind to live in peace, have clean water, healthy food, shelter, education, and economic equality. It is our moral right to protect the planet that has been entrusted to us. We honor these rights and commit to sow the seeds of loving-kindness and compassion in all manifestations.
In 2014 one of the world’s spiritual elders, Dr. Johannes Witteveen, convened Sufi leaders from all over the planet to establish the Universal Sufi Council. Its’ mission includes the explicit study and promotion of the universal values at the core of every major religious and faith tradition. In 2016 the Council adopted an Affirmation of Shared Values challenging all to commit to living loving kindness and compassion toward all lives as an essential value and commencing a series of pilgrimages to sacred places to inspire and emphasize the need to overcome the bigotry of religious and nationalistic prejudice with universal values. Learn more about the Peace Pledge. The Charter for Compassion and the Peace Pledge have entered a Memo of Understanding to promote the work of each organization.
The Peace Alliance and the Charter are collaborating on a unique project, The Youth Kindness Letter Campaign. Each elderly citizen around the world is deserving of attention, care, and compassion. Each elderly person has lived a long life filled with moments of difficulty, happiness, success, failure, and sorrow, and deserves to be honored for their life experiences and the wisdom they can share with those younger than themselves. Too often we forget our elderly. Whether an elderly person is a parent or not they can be neglected, alone or ignored. The Youth Kindness Letter Campaign is an opportunity for our younger citizens to show our older citizens tangible kindness. This act of kindness is a win-win for both the elderly and youth. Learn more about the campaign by contacting us at the Charter.

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