The Compassion Tour is On

The Compassion Tour is On

He’ll spread his passion for compassion far and wide

David Breaux has been listening to his own heart, and his heart continues to speak clearly to the simple idea of spreading the word of compassion. Once you've had a conversation with David, you view the world differently. If he talks to you about the experience of the homeless, you are never again comfortable ignoring their plight. If he talks with you about the experience of listening with an open and non-judgmental heart, you find yourself listening harder and hearing more. A conversation with David is life changing and that energy ripples outward from person to person, as people share their own experience of compassion and, importantly, act on that experience.

David is planning his next compassion tour.  Consider bringing him to your community.  Work with him to strengthen your compassionate city initiative or to spark interest in one.  In each of the cities David visits, he will work with community members and community based organizations to carry out his mission. He will stand in a central location, gather people's written concepts of compassion and offer a space of deep listening, and offer compassion conversations and workshops.  Learn more about how you can work with David to make his visit to your community an inspiring one.

onewiththeuniverseChallenge Your Mind, Engage Your Heart

"[Interested in] a journey of inner discovery: a truly useful and valuable learning experience to the heart of one of the most important topics of our day."

This is what one of the Charter's Education Institute participant said about his course.  As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can tune into the course anywhere--at your desk in the workplace, in your favorite armchair at home, or perhaps sitting on a sunny deck somewhere with a beautiful view of the natural world. We look forward to your participation. 

Learn more about our current offerings, how to sign up and get started on new discoveries, reflect on a current dilemma or find a solution to an old problem. Click on any of the course offering to find out more about it, the objectives of the course and a bio of the instructor.

Join Cities campaign small squareWho Are You Talking To? 

I'm Talking with Folks about the Charter's  Compassionate Cities Movement

Hopefully you'll be participating in the two calls we'll be sponsoring in June.  Join us for our Compassionate Cities and Communities Call on June 9.  When you register, please check the time when the call will occur in your locale.  Click here to register.  The call will be an opportunity to explore new initiaitves, offer time to answer questions and explore new ideas for promoting compassionate commuities adjacent to your own.  We'll also talk about the upcoming, Empathy and Compassion Conference in Oslo on October.  We are working on a Charter workshop and dinner, October 13, prior to the conference, starting on October 14-15th.  Please visit their site to take advantage of the early bird rate.   This will be a special opportunity for our partners and city initiatives in Europe, USA and Asia to join us.  


419CUAzZWBL. SX322 BO1204203200 I'm Talking about a Compassionate Life with Marc Barasch

An argument for compassion that is balanced yet persuasive--and long overdue. This book ought to be a compulsory read for all.
~Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

On June 19, join Marc Barasch for our first Global Read program.  He will be talking about his book, The Compassionate Life: Walking the Path of Kindness.

How can compassion, a trait hardwired into our nervous system and waiting to be awakened, transform our lives and the world at large? Marc Barasch provides up-to-the-minute research to timeless spiritual truths, and weaves a stirring, unforgettable story of the search for kindness in a world that clearly needs it. With unfailing curiosity, Barasch poses vital questions: What can we learn from exceptionally empathetic people? Can we increase our compassion quotient with practice? What if the great driving force of our evolution were actually ""survival of the kindest?"" He comes up with challenging, ultimately inspiring answers. With encounters as diverse as observations of compassion amongst bonobo chimpanzees, to the story of a man who forgives his daughters killer, to teenage Palestinian and Israeli girls trying to wage peace, Barasch blends hard science and popular culture with his own hip, engaging narrative style to create a smart, provocative argument that a simple shift in consciousness changes pretty much everything.  Register now.


Compassionate Listening in Israel & Palestine

In challenging times, perhaps the most courageous act is to meet and humanize, and not abandon. Our primary purpose for this delegation is to support the peacemakers as we deepen our understanding of, and connection with, the land and people of the region. ~ Andrea Cohen Kiener

A very special opportunity is being planned by one of our partners, The Compassionate Listening Project. The journey begins in Jerusalem with an intensive introduction to Compassionate Listening. This November 2016 delegation will focus on listening to and supporting Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers, while practicing our craft of listening and speaking from the heart. Learn more about the November 6-18, 2016 trip

buPUlOsttS6L T8Dom4l9Qa3uaX2ix Z2S2 LNRwMr250WjLOx3iDUdRgSY2TO1DWUu5s107"I’m weary of the cynicism, aren’t you?"

This is a sentiment expressed by one of our lead volunteers, Barbara Kaufmann, who wrote an article about Memorial Day.  She linked her thoughts to asking people to support the Charter for Compassion and our work.  The U.S. just celebrated memorial day yesterday.  Yom Hazikaron in Israel, Victory Day in Russia, V-E Day in Europe, Anzac in New Zealand and Australia, Dodenherdenking in the Netherlands or Volkstrauertag in Germany, commemoration of Memorial Days give us pause and requires deep thinking of remembrance and insistence that war must stop. Click on Barbara's articlePerhaps you will be inclined to give to the Charter as we continue our work.  We truly believe that Peace Starts Here--with Compassion.

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