Compassion Tree Project (CTP)


Join us by participating in our Compassion Tree Project. We’re planting compassion for our world – tree by tree by tree!

The goal of the Compassion Tree Project (CTP) is to help return Earth to her vibrancy by regreening the world locally, regionally, nationally – far beyond our borders, wherever we live. Imagine a tree, or grove of trees in every yard, on every school and university campus, on the property of every faith and peace institution. Imagine Compassion Trees planted in parks, green spaces and public areas in every community - each tree representing the commitment and responsibility of ensuring a healthy planet for future generations.

The Compassion Tree Project is not only about planting 7.7 billion indigenous trees – each tree representing each person on the planet - it’s also about re-greening our communities with other native plants, especially pollinator species as well as plants that provide food and medicinal benefits to the local residents. It’s about agro-forestry, reforestation, and of course, protecting already existing stands of trees, especially old-growth stands. To learn more about our vision for the CTP click HERE!



Who are Our Partners for the Compassion Tree Project?

Alexander Gwanvalla is our volunteer supporting SDG #12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Alexander is president of Community Green Engagement Cameroon and also served as the National Coordinator of Global Network of Religions For Children Cameroon. He served as the National Coordinator of Citizens Climate Lobby from 2016 to 2020, and the Secretary General of Bamenda Red Cross Committee from 2014 to 2018. He holds a degree in Geography from the University of Bamenda in Cameroon.


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