The Compassion Tree Project (CTP)

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    The goal of the Compassion Tree Project (CTP) is to help return the Earth to her vibrancy by regreening the world locally, regionally, nationally – and far beyond our borders wherever we live. Imagine a tree, or grove of trees in every yard, on every school and university campus, on the property of every faith and peace institution. Imagine a Compassion Tree planted in parks, green spaces and public areas in every community - each tree representing the commitment and responsibility of ensuring a healthy planet for future generations. 

    Imagine a tree planted to represent each person in the world. The Charter is embarking on an audacious ten-year project to plant indigenous trees locally and to help others in the global community to scale their own planting. We aren't doing this by ourselves but have partnered with the Green World Campaign. Read on to learn more and how you can become involved in a multi-year venture to help heal our suffering planet.



    Why Do We Need to Do This?

    Abundant fresh air, healthy soil, the elimination of common extreme weather patterns, healthier water, decreased CO2 levels and the increased release of oxygen are all byproducts of planting billions of trees around the world, especially in devastated lands. Abundance is the earth’s natural condition. Humans have overused and polluted the Earth but we can help return it to her vibrancy by regreening the world. Combining support for already-existing regreening efforts with related efforts - such as protecting existing trees and forests from excessive logging, supporting sustainable paper alternatives (like coconut and hemp), and promoting education about ecosystems and laws designed to protect them - we can make a true difference in the world.

    Why Are We in a Position to Do This?

    The Compassion Tree Project (CTP) starts at a local level as a symbolic representation of the commitment and responsibility to regreen the world. It then expands beyond its own location and moves to support already-existing regreening efforts around the world. The Compassion Tree Project joins us all together in a single global effort, connecting us all in our common humanity. It mobilizes us to take action to do something about devastated lands and the climate crisis. We will be planting more than bio-diversity (by ensuring the planting of only indigenous trees/plants) - we will also be planting compassion, peacemaking, and economic freedom; thereby restoring our planet’s ecological balance.

    How Will We Do This?

    1. Commit to your responsibility for regreening the world. Become the Heartwood (another word for trunk, a tree’s main support) of this project by being one of the first individuals/communities/organizations to participate in the Compassion Tree Project. Envision your city/school/place of worship/business/ organization as a leader in this regreening effort. It means that you purchase an indigenous tree (or several) from a local source (i.e., greenhouse, nursery, other local sources) and plant them.
    2. Get others in your community enthused about the project. Reach out to other individuals and organizations and get them to participate in the CTP. These reach-outs will produce the Leaves/Flowers/Fruits of the Compassion Tree Project and save us all from the 6th Great Extinction. Spread the word.  Talk up your local efforts.  Write an editorial about CTP.  Speak to local civic and community leaders.  Get everyone talking about CTP.
    3. Plan and sponsor a ceremony to honor your community's trees, the planting of a Compassion Tree or Grove. Involve the Community.  The award winning composer, Alan Menken has written a song, "Tree by Tree by Tree" for which he has donated the rights so that local choirs can honor the planting of Trees.  A copy of the sheet music for this song is available. CTP is also offering certificates of tree planting.  Click on the “I Want to Plant Compassion” button below to find out more.
    4. Donate to the Compassion Tree Project to ensure that we have the funding to sow seeds and plant seedlings in partnership with already existing regreening efforts around the world. Trees may be planted for special occasions, in memory of, in honor of, etc. Certificates will be available in pdf format (print them yourself).  Click on the donate button below to find out more.

    Who Are Our Partners for the Compassion Tree Project?

    The Charter for Compassion is ‘rooting’ this project with Marc Barasch and the Green World Campaign.  The Green World Campaign has been cited by the Natural Resources Defense Council and others for its bold agenda: regenerate degraded landscapes around the world.

    Learn more about Marc and the Green World Campaign in Forbes magazine. Read more about Green World in other recent articles.


    Learn More About Trees, Conservation and Regenerative Practices

    Reflecting on Trees through the Arts

    The subject of trees has been written about for hundreds of years.  From the pens of Joyce Kilmer, Robert Frost and Sylvia Plath to the Pultizer Prize winner, Mary Oliver. Songs have been composed through many genres: Johnny Cash to Jethro Tull, Smashing Pumpkins to Mr. Rogers. Photography and paintings, ethchings and woodblocks have all enriched our appreciation of trees.  Click here to learn and experience more about the world of trees through the arts and culture. 

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