The World Wisdom Map


The World Wisdom Map is a unique project to document the life lessons and stories of people from each of the 195 countries in the world. This consciousness project combines visual, and wisdom anthropology that exists in the world and further sparks awareness about the diversity of lifestyles, as well as the coping mechanism that people employ to create a meaningful life. Using the tool of technology, it is easier to connect and exchange information to ignite hope and global participation in an unbiased and creative way. This collation and exhibition of human wisdom invites you to engage, contribute and learn from in an artistic and interactive way.

The life lessons themselves have inspired a series of exclusive artworks, data narratives and educational modules to amplify the inspiration and impact of each story. Be a part of a beautiful sharing of the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of the world’s people from early age participants to seasoned older folk.  Go to the Charter’s partner, Project Fuel, and contribute your story and read hundreds more. By the way, you receive an exclusive “Certificate of Wisdom” and Letter of Recommendation on completing the project.

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