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Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) is a youth-focused, 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable foundation aimed at empowering all teens with a positive mindset and enabling them to effectively cope with crisis, adversity and tough decisions. Our mission is to inspire today’s youth to reach their full potential as productive, kind, happy and responsible individuals.


The TLC program empowers teens by teaching life skills that build confidence, inspire compassion and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Leveraging public schools and after school club programs, TLC uses experiential learning, including journal writing, open discussions and activities, our classes promote self discovery and cover relevant topics in a safe and caring environment.


TLC is a program based on experiential learning, with a curriculum based on self-discovery. Applying theories and concepts from the science of happiness, participants can be in charge of their lives and success through discussion, activities and journaling.

Neuroplasticity shows that brains are more dynamic than we ever imagined. Through changing thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and emotions, neural processes are changed.

A study by noted experts in 2014 that mindfulness intervention produced moderate to large positive effects on executive functioning, stress, resilience and emotion. This is the basis of TLC’s curriculum. (Zenner, C., Hermleben-Kurz, S., & Walach, H. (2014). Mindfulness-based interventions in schools – a systematic review and meta-analysis. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 603.)

Professor Kimberly Lakes, Ph.D. and professor at University of California, Irvine is working with TLC on testing the program’s methodology and its efficacy on mindfulness, executive function (attention, inhibition), self-esteem, stress, psychological wellbeing and resilience. These studies will hope to prove the program’s success within individuals and specific predictors of outcomes including low self-esteem, problem behavior and socioeconomic factors.


“Tilly’s Life Center (TLC) is an empowerment program for teens helping to change attitude and mindset in order to overcome adversity and ultimately find happiness and success.”


At TLC, we aim to empower teens to overcome their own adversity and crisis through positive thinking. Through tested methodologies from globally-respected thought leaders, TLC teaches effective life tools that enable teens the confidence and self esteem they need to take responsibility for themselves – ultimately giving them the power to make positive changes in their own lives. At TLC, we believe in the “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day/teach a man to fish, he’ll eat forever” philosophy.

TLC has developed and currently facilitates a program called “I Am Me,” that is taught in public and private schools and as workshops through other charities such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club, Think Together etc. The foundation also has a program called "I Am Healthy" that runs in hospitals helping teens deal with physical illness.

TLC programs teach life skills that build confidence, inspire compassion, encourage teens to pursue their dreams and cover topics like: Forgiving and Giving, Overcoming Fears, Transitioning from being Dependent on Hospital Care, Body-Image, Drugs and Alcohol, Bullying, Stress, Motivation and Purpose, Kindness, Happiness, etc.

The classes are not lectures. Each lesson is taught through journal writing and also includes an activity to facilitate understanding through experiential learning and self-discovery.

The “I Am Me” program consists of 3 Phases of 12 classes each and we are currently piloting 3 additional Phases. The "I Am Healthy" program is a combination of Phase 1 & 2 from "I Am Me" with an emphasis on health.

Our goal is to be required curriculum in high schools across the nation.

Location: Lake Forest, CA, USA


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