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Tricycle Farms


Tri Cycle Farms is creating, through community engagement, an edible sustainable urban farm park where we cherish and steward education, community and soil. Share the earth, share the crop, and share this beautiful place. We are a community urban farm working to address food insecurity by growing food and teaching others to grow food. We have a beautiful, productive garden on 2 acres of land in the heart of the city. Our friends and neighbors come to work in the garden, or they might stop by to soak in the rejuvenating natural beauty. We strive to create community by reconnecting with the land, with our food, and with each other.

Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Teaching gardening and farming skills in a relaxed, friendly, fun environment.
  • Impacting community meals by donating our fresh, chemical-free, nutrient-dense produce, as well as our time and cooking skills, to bring healthful nourishment to those experiencing food insecurity.
  • Doing community outreach through multiple agencies, as well as by knocking on doors to get our neighbors involved and letting them know we are here to help.
  • Maintaining an attitude of oneness, in the knowledge that the line between food security and food insecurity is a fine line and any one of us can find ourselves crossing that line due to circumstances beyond our control. Learning to grow food is a way to cross the line back to food security.
  • Sharing our vision of a sustainable future with our neighbors.

Location: Fayetteville, AR, USA

About Us

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