Turning Your Moral Outrage into Compassionate Action (December 15)

Turning Your Moral Outrage into Compassionate Action (December 15)

Dear Friends,

Please join us for a special call on Islamophobia, December 18, 6 am PT. Check the time converter to confirm time in your area of the world. Use Seattle, WA, USA as the primary location. Click here to register for the call.

The Charter for Compassion is having this emergency call because we are concerned with the escalating, corrosive anti-Muslim rhetoric whipping up Europe and the United States particularly. We are bringing together three voices: Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, president of our Charter’s Board of Directors, Imam Malik, board president of the Parliament for World Religions and Sari Heidenreich, North American regional president of United Religions Initiative since we believe that authoritative voices are so needed right now.

The vitriol of Marine La Pen in France is matched with the venom of Donald Trump in the US; street violence ranges from Pegida marchers in Germany to what appears to be attempted arson on a mosque in Finsbury Park. In response, we would like to hold this Emergency Call on Countering Islamophobia.

The Charter is working on an “Islamophobia Resistance Guide” to help with personal responses, but also help teachers work with students, managers with employees, activists with communities. It will be available following the call and be posted online.

When you register for the call, please any reflections or questions you may have. We will do our best to respond to your observations and concerns.

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