United Kingdom Task Force

United Kingdom Task Force

tamTam Martin Fowles, Chair, United Kingdom Task Force

Tam Fowles is founder of Hope in the Heart (www.hopeintheheart.org) and long-time course/workshop designer and group facilitator based in the UK and working internationally. Tam’s own experience with mental ill health in her 20s and 30s inspired her to work creatively with others facing challenges of all kinds. She developed The Accept Perspective, a model for personal and global transformation, celebrating the remarkable capacity of the human spirit to transcend adversity and live a richer, more proactive life as a result. She is Master Facilitator of The Virtues Project and associate of the Anne Frank Trust, a campaigner and educator for equality and social justice. She founded the Compassionate Cornwall community initiative in 2014, and is a member of the CfC UK Task Force.

annhowellAnn Howell

Ann Howell is a co-founder and the current Director of SimpleGifts. With a background in technical communications and project management, Ann moved to London from Montreal, Canada in 2010. Looking to change gears and shift her focus to the community development sector, she was excited to find an opportunity to build a project at the former Unitarian Church in Bethnal Green. Working with the early development team, she helped to map out a plan for organic growth using the resources of the building space and also of the culturally rich local community. Ann’s love of cooking and food as a medium for the sharing of stories has meant she is very happy that community meals are a focal point at SimpleGifts!

frankliddyFrank Liddy, Belfast & Northern Ireland

Frank has worked in the community care voluntary mental health sector for some twenty-five years and currently delivers mindfulness programmes for the leading charity Aware. Frank is the founding Director of the Belfast Mindfulness Centre. He is also the co founder of Compassion City Belfast. As an indigenous Belfast born practitioner he has been at the forefront of developing creative cross community mindfulness / compsssion based initiatives to communities / groups traumatised by the Northern Ireland troubles. Frank studied mindfulness at the University of Wales and is a qualified integrative humanistic counsellor. Presently Frank teaches mindfulness compassion through the life long learning programme at the Queen’s University of Belfast and has also successfully delivered experiential and practice-based training programmes to mental health and allied professionals working in psychiatry, nursing, social work and the criminal justice system.

magdMagdalene Sacranie, Kinross Compassion Group, Scotland UK

Magdalene is a retired Physiotherapist. At the beginning of her career she went with Voluntary Service Overseas, and as an associate missionary with Church World Mission, to Malawi to work on a Leprosy Control Project (Lepra). Since that life-changing experience, she has supported Malawian Charities and in particular, The Children's Fund of Malawi, working with The British Council and The Scotland-Malawi Partnership to raise funds. She has written a book "'Tales from African Dreamtime" and, since retirement as a physiotherapist, has worked as a Storyteller in schools around the UK promoting Global Schools Parnerships. Magdalene is married to Aziz, who is a poultry expert, and together they have 4children and 6 grandchildren. They are members of Subud (www.subud.org) International Spiritual Association. She says that everything she has done in her life up to to now feels as though it was a preparation for working on the CCI Task Force UK.


Rianne C ten Veen

Rianne is most content when collaborating in an interdisciplinary context. She has an LLM, an MA in International Politics and MSc in Development Management and in October 2016 starting a PhD around the subject of globalisation. Issues of justice and compassion have been a key motivator since as a third country national school pupil being taught to accept different sides of a conflict at different times of the school day. She relishes in being able to contribute to bring more compassion, to ourselves, each other and the wider environment we live in and all rely on ultimately. Her adopted faith inspires her to facilitate compassion for all.

 darrantruteDarran Trute

Darran Trute has created a range of transformational partnerships, including helping to innovate, align and co-ordinate large networks of advice providers. He currently works in a emerging healthcare Alliance contract involving hospitals, Doctors and major healthcare providers to better co-ordinate healthcare services. As Director of the UK office of the International Centre for Compassion Organisations he works in helping refine a compassionate mediation process to resolve workplace conflict through a workplace trust leader programme and facilitating a reduction in community conflict through a community leadership training programme. He has also delivered workshops developing compassionate approaches in organisations and is co-owner of Positive News the worlds first positive solution focused Newspaper.

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