Urgent Call from the Spirit of the Feminine

Urgent Call from the Spirit of the Feminine


grandmotherHumanity is cordially invited, men and women, children and grandparents to come into balance according to the teachings of the Mayan calendar. Join us every 20 days, the day of I'x (pronounced "eesh") and listen to the wisdom of Grandmother Flordemayo.

Grandmother also loves your questions so you can send to us in advance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Grandmother Flordemayo is the founding member of the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of the America, Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, Church of the Spiritual Path, founding member of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and founding member of The Path http://followthegoldenpath.org/ 

Upcoming Call!
Urgent Message From The Spirit of The Feminine with Grandmother Flordemayo
Monday, Dec 24th 8:00 AM PST 
Registration is Required: https://charterforcompassion.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_7938qKSbTs2Gj5MGHts9oA


Geri LittleJohn is a flute maker, a mother, a lover of nature, a performer, a healing sounds practitioner, a ceremonial singer, and a woman engaged in the process of becoming a human being - happy to share what she has learned through her years of deep listening, participating in Lakota ceremony, and many years of cultivating her relationship with nature through making and playing Native American style flutes.  And always open to learn from others. Mz Imani and Geri weave sound and energy together as often as possible living on opposite sides of the country.  They came together to support Grandmother Flordemayo and the Gathering For Humanity in May of 2018 and is excited to work with these two powerful and inspiring women again for this offering.  Geri's first flute teacher was her late-husband, flute maker Hawk LittleJohn, with whom she began making flutes 25 years ago. He was fond of saying that the only sin was the sin of separation.  And when playing or leading ceremony that the best advice was to keep ego out of it and become a hollow bone.  "Whatever I am doing - performing, facilitating, singing for Ceremony - I ask that Spirit keep me out of it and that the listener/participant receive whatever they need in that moment. Every breath is an opportunity for connection to nature through the trees that exchange breath with us.  Every conscious moment is an invitation to remember who we are as a part of this Great Life. That we each carry Medicine, gifts unique to us, and that the Universe is asking for us to share those things now. Being human is this amazing opportunity to experience life on playground Earth, surrounded by incredible natural beauty.  The music I play is all improvisational, inspired by both the beauty and the grief of this world and the belief that as human beings, one of the greatest gifts we can share with the World is an expression of gratitude, a smile, a laugh, a beautiful song.  As I continue my work with flutes in an intentional way, I understand more and more how important vibration is – how everything vibrates at a different frequency. By working with these frequencies, energy can be shifted. Music heals – the body, mind, and spirit. A low flute can connect a listener with the earth that supports us, nourishes us, and gives us life. A clear, high pitched flute speaks directly to our spirits. As a wind instrument, the flutes remind us to breathe. When I play, there is always an invitation to center, to release and to receive, and then to integrate. Whether playing a concert, leading a musical or silent meditation, supporting a yoga instructor, or engaging in deep conversation, it is my hope that when it is complete, we all leave feeling lighter, more loving, more connected, nourished, awake and aware."

Mz. imani is a ceremony woman, a percussionist, Handpan player and vocalist. She is a facilitator of New WErld Alchemical perspective, music and practice. While she does sing from the stage, she more often, sings from the circle, or from the Sound Chamber that she is the curator of. Mz. Imani’s innate wisdom, coupled with experience guides her perspectives, practice and instincts. The initiations in her life, with the drum, with the sacred fire, the water and the eARTh, by nature and people such as Tom Kenyon, Babatunde Olatunji and Nikki Scully, along side her walk with the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, Turtle Women Rising and other elders and council groups, guides her perspectives and practice. Her passion is to pay attention to the ways transmutation happens, and to train people who are passionate about accessing transmutation with intentional or ceremonial sound. Whether in a circle, assisting an elder or behind a microphone, Mz. imani’s life’s WErk is (and has been) to cultivate containers of (and for) eclectic, new WErld prayer through music, art, dance and new WErld ceremony, and is expressed through singing, drumming, music, art and movement. Also known as Mama Mojo, Mz. imani returned to Western NC, in late 2013, to help host an international Handpan gathering (HOUSA) in 2014. This is the same year she found her way to the Land and the Chamber and soon thereafter, began the ongoing renovations. The Swannanoa Sound Chamber is 18thPeace Chamber, of Joseph Rael / Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Visionary Work. The chambers are all around the world. The lands surrounding the chamber are wild lands, north facing with steep slope. For more than 30 years the Chamber grounds have been dedicated ceremony and prayer spaces. The Chamber was inspired and built by a community of people, as students of Joseph Rael, and visionaries in their own rite. Mz. imani is the first person to take care of a chamber that is not in the lineage of having received direct teachings from Joseph Rael, and it appears she has been given the innocence, courage, means and skills to take care of the Chamber. When seen from 4 years into the renovations, it is clear that the universe has aligned cosmic collaborations, in the WErk of the Chambers and her calling as a Planetary Citizien and Spiritual Activst. As a maiden, mother and now a grandmother, she has been fascinated and facilitating ceremonial music, collaborative art and sacred fires dedicated to Helping the HeART of Humanity to Heal for 30 years. Her life’s WErk cultivates the space and intention of SoulFire Sanctuary. Currently the Sanctuary and Chamber are open by invitation, with plans to open to the public, as a church, by Summer Solstice 2019.

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