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    The V2020 Webinar Series anchors the Mother’s Day Proclamation of Peace and the voices of women and girls everywhere by affirming an unofficial 18th Sustainable Goal of self-awareness and personal agency. We are midwifing a new paradigm that must come from the womb and through the voice.

    Women and Girls around the world are beginning to decline the invitation of comparison, and instead grab the hand of the woman and girl next to them in solidarity, knowing that we are, and have always been enough. Golden even. The call is to show up with that which only we can bring - that which is uniquely ours. This is where we wake up, where we illuminate, and where we rise!

    We are honorably standing upon the shoulders of the suffragists who marched and stood their ground to own and honor their personal agency. We are creating a world where the Charter for Compassion is a beacon of hope, and where Women and Girls from all walks of life can join hands for the great and general interest of Peace.


    The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Sector presents the V2020 Webinar Series, our Next Conversation:

    Compassion Renaissance: A Celebration of Art and Activism

    December 2, 2020 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT

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    Ignite your fire with us on December 2, 2020, 9-11am (Pacific Standard Time) as we celebrate and honor the 150th Anniversary of Julia Ward Howe's Original Mother's Day Proclamation!

    Julia’s 150-year-old Vision is a clear template of action for women’s sovereignty. As an artist, an activist, Visionary, and a Virago (a heroic feminine warrior), she knew that her Vigilant work would Vibrate into Voices beyond her lifetime to inspire and connect to women across generations. Be inspired and add your Voice and Vision with Six Visionary Voices of feminine artists illuminating Third-Eye-Vision: an awakening to clarity and the infusion of next-level consciousness into the ever-Vigil Vision for a Partnership into a Safe and Sacred Now. 

    We will complete the first spiral of our V2020 Series as the Charter for Compassion Women and Girl’s Sector enters into the second decade of the 2000’s — our current day Roaring 20’s — a renaissance of self awareness and personal agency that invites us into the next incarnation of compassion-filled humanity. As we envision the next nine years, how can we create effective Visceral activism through the arts together?

    Decemer 2, 2020 @9am, Pacific Daylight Time


    Guest Biographies

    uploads 1603663021929 thumbnail JoanMarieHeadshot croppedJoan Marie is an Artist, Conscious Touch Educator and owner of Compassion Central, An Educational Sanctuary for Peace in Carmichael, CA. She is the cofounder of Compassionate Capital Region, an Ambassador of Compassionate Sacramento and on the Compassionate Arts Council. Joan was part of Compassionate Women and Girls V2020 to honor of Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation, she now has organized the first Sacramento Congress of Women.  She expresses her spiritual journey through her multi-sensory/multi- media art and believes in the healing power of art, using it to inform deeper meanings, including Mary Magdalene as a missing archetype, empowering the Sacred within each of us. She is also a mother and grandmother.
    uploads 1603664264722 BreciaKralovicLoganBrecia Kralovic-Logan is an artist, author, and advocate for creativity and women. She is a creative life coach and the author of “The Spiral of Creativity- Mastering the Art of a Spirited Life.” She founded the International Women’s Festival Northwest to honor women’s accomplishments and highlight issues facing women globally; and the Pebble Rebel Award which honors women making a positive difference in their communities. Kralovic-Logan serves as the Southern California representative for the Global Art Project for Peace.  She is the founder of the Women’s Woven Voices project, an international art collaboration that empowers women through writing, weaving and sharing their stories. Her art work can be found at www.breciacreative.com.  

    uploads 1604276203665 headshot felecia lenee williamsFelecia Lenee, Co-founder of Compassionate ARTS in Action and our BLM mural project manager is better known as Fe Love to her fans.  She is the host and creator of the Artist Eclectic pLAygROUND, a “pop-up” event space that supports new as well as established artists and innovative entrepreneurs primarily in the Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles area. Fe Love is on the Leadership Team for CompassionateCalifornia.org and co- founder of the Compassionate ARTS IN ACTION. She works as the Youth Program Director and Creative Strategist for the national project, Posts for Peace and Justice.  

    Felecia has a B.F.A. from CALARTS where she trained as an actress. Her goals are to support youth, with a focus on health, public safety and social justice. Felecia's recent public appearances highlighting youth include: March for Our Lives, Los Angeles, CA; Youth Action Summit, Memphis, TN, the U.S. Human Rights Network National Conference, Atlanta, GA. and the 26th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, at the White House.  Felecia Lenee is a healer and a certified massage therapist with a concentration on energy balancing.  

    Fe Love facilitates “Compassionate Conversations” in the community with law enforcement (Compassionate Cops) in support of Black Lives through out Pasadena, on national platforms and even internationally, such examples include World Summit on Countering Violence and Extremism in India and at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto, Canada.” Currently, Fe Love is leading a series of mural projects with local Compassionate Artists, called “Paint Dena Peaceful” which started this summer in support of Black Lives Matter. She has also been in 16 films, has over 25 years of performing live on stage as a host and entertainer, and in several podcasts promoting racial, gender equality and justice.

    uploads 1603730240220 8a7d6734 b87c 4d19 bc55 77ff8fd698c3Jothi is the Founder of Jothi Creative Wellness and CreateHER of HERSpace.  Jothi is a Certified Transformational Coach, Spiritual Leader, Educator and Interdisciplinary Artist.   Jothi uses a magical blend of wellness modalities such as, Evolved Neuro Linguistic Programming, Creativity, Quantum Healing Process, Meditation, and Spirituality to meaningfully connect and engage folks in their healing, reclamation and evolution of self.
    At 49 and a happily married mother of an 11 and 13-year-old, Jothi has been on a life-long healing journey from childhood adversity and has been reclaiming the spaces that were hurt and as she breaks the cycles of generational pain, she is discovering her true essence, light, and powerful purpose to hold safe and sacred space while guiding others in their healing process.
    You can find Jothi on IG at https://www.instagram.com/jothi_creative and learn more about her at https://www.jothi.ca

    uploads 1603663083530 KatherineJostenKatherine Josten is an artist, educator, speaker and founder/director of the Global Art Project for Peace, a multi-cultural celebration of peace and diversity that, for the past 26 years, has involved 160,000 participants in 95 countries on seven continents. Before founding the Project, Katherine taught art for 14 years at college and university levels. Her art is included in museum collections and she received the 2017 Governor’s Arts Award for Arizona Artist of the Year. For the past eight years, Katherine has served on the Advisory Committee of the International Network of Museums for Peace. Nominated for a 2002 UNESCO Prize for tolerance and non-violence, her work inspires personal and social evolution through creativity.



    uploads 1603664687830 0 2Niti Hemant Majethia is a 23-year-old international award-winning writer, editor and spoken word artist. (pronouns: she/her) Niti Majethia spent her childhood nosediving into books, gazing at magazines, watching movies and listening to music — with a burning desire to create her own.

    At the age of 6, she began writing poetry. As a child, she describes often getting a flood of ideas and simply needing a pen and paper to put them down. With incredibly devoted parents, Majethia was encouraged to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. But the roads were not paved for her. Coming from a family of doctors and stock brokers, she knew nobody in the creative industry. Still cultivating that ambitious smirk in her eye, she would religiously write and read for hours every day — all through her preteen and early teen years. 

    She then began sending her unfiltered work to random editors and magazines online. After a few 100 submissions and rejections, something remarkable happened. Majethia was not only published, but also went on to win 3 back-to-back international awards for writing from Kidspirit Online. She was then invited to NYU to perform her award-winning work. After, she was selected to work for Kidspirit as a satellite editor.

    By then, Majethia had already started being published in various kids’ publications online and in print. She then established the Kidspirit satellite editorial board (from India), so more young Indian kids could have a platform to get their work published. These were the origins of a literary career that would grow on to take her to Australia, UT Austin, United Nations and a lot more places… the world became her oyster. There was no looking back. And this was only the beginning.

    She has been featured on various platforms such as UN Women, Brown Girl Magazine, So She Slays, Good Morning Texas and many more. She grew up in Mumbai, India; and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree in Rhetoric & Writing at The University of Texas at Austin.  As of Fall 2020, Majethia has been selected to serve as an Editorial Intern for The Austin Chronicle.

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