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    The V2020 Webinar Series anchors the Mother’s Day Proclamation of Peace and the voices of women and girls everywhere by affirming an unofficial 18th Sustainable Goal of self-awareness and personal agency. We are midwifing a new paradigm that must come from the womb and through the voice.

    Women and Girls around the world are beginning to decline the invitation of comparison, and instead grab the hand of the woman and girl next to them in solidarity, knowing that we are, and have always been enough. Golden even. The call is to show up with that which only we can bring - that which is uniquely ours. This is where we wake up, where we illuminate, and where we rise!

    We are honorably standing upon the shoulders of the suffragists who marched and stood their ground to own and honor their personal agency. We are creating a world where the Charter for Compassion is a beacon of hope, and where Women and Girls from all walks of life can join hands for the great and general interest of Peace.


    The Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Sector presents the V2020 Webinar Series, our Next Conversation:

    Awakening Across Generations.”

    July 15, 2020 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (NOTE TIME CHANGE!)


    Join us July 15, 2020, as we continue to weave the stories of our times into the Mother’s Day Proclamation. Our guests are author and psychotherapist Patricia Fero, and Founder of CompassionFirst Sara Jamil. In our effort to align with the changing narratives of our greater society, we are most humbly honored to have our first Next Gen Ambassador Maha Khawaja as moderator for this pivotal conversation.

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