What Is Photography | Aug. 2019 by Steve Kaye


    So what is photography?

    Certainly it involves more than owning a camera.

    Forsters Tern 2Forster’s Tern

    First, photography is the craft of taking photos.

     Obviously, this requires going out, finding subjects, and using a camera.

    So if you want a photo of a Forster’s Tern, you’ll have to go to an area where they live.

    Next photography is the art of processing photos.

    For example, you might begin with something like this (below):

    Lilly OriginalWater Lilly, Original Image (Before Processing)

    And end up with this:

    Lilly AfterWater Lilly, After Processing

    There’s an important point here: In digital photography the original photo contains the image. So artful processing and cropping are needed to make that image appear.

    And yes, I take photos of flowers, as well as landscapes, trees, and wildlife.

    Third, photography is a process of experimenting, learning, and adjusting.

    You are always searching for ways to improve your technique. And sometimes you’re challenged to invent a new technique for a new challenge.

    For example, I took the photo below after sunset with the Canon R (a mirrorless) camera.

    I noticed that this hummingbird was perching on an Agapanthus leaf. So I set up my camera (on a tripod) focused on the spot where the hummingbird would land. Then I waited, watching the LCD screen. When the bird arrived, I used a remote release to take the photo at 1/60 sec.

    Allens Hummingbird MaleAllen’s Hummingbird, Male

    Four, photography is a matter of enjoying Nature’s beauty.

    Yes, the House Finch is a common bird. And yet, notice the beautiful shades of brown and tan.

    And she put on her best feathers for this photo.

    House Finch FemaleHouse Finch, Female

    And fifth, photography is about people.

    I was stuck for a week trying to think about what to write for this month’s blog. Then I asked a friend, who said, “Write about photography.”

    And so here we are.

    Thank you!

    Much success,

    Steve Kaye

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    Did You Know?

    The most effective way to help birds is to buy land.

    Here are two organizations that excel at doing this.
    Please visit their web sites to learn about how they are making a difference.

     The Trust for Public Land

     American Bird Conservancy

    Here’s an outstanding book about bird conservation: Bird Conservation

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