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Dr. Rozan Anwar

Dr. Rozan Anwar

Dr. Rozan Anwar lives in Indonesia and is a proud father of two and husband. After majoring in fisheries graduating from IPB University in Bogor Indonesia Rozan attended the University of Colorado Denver to obtain his masters in Business Administration. After finishing school in the United States Rozan returned to Indonesia to start his career in business. He started working for a company called Development Dimensional International (DDI), and after many years with the company they departed from Indonesia. He was motivated to start a new company after the departure with some of his former DDI co-workers. 

Dr. Rozan is Co-Founder Commissioner of DayaLima and Commissioner for DayaQarsa, two partnered Indonesia based companies. DayaLima is a transformational leadership company that focuses on helping businesses through ‘humanity-driven solutions powered by technology’. Member of the DayaLima Family, DayaQarsa is a strategic transformational consulting firm offering integrated program services, ranging from strategy formulation to digital business implementation. The core values of these companies are based in innovation, compassion and good citizenship. They aim to ‘form leaders who have a shared mission to advance humanity through ideas and abilities’.


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