Women and Girls Core Circle


Sara Jamil currently serves as co-lead of Women and Girls and has been an active ambassador for the Charter for Compassion Movement since 2013.

She is a woman of faith, a mother, educator, mentor, visionary leader, spiritual activist and champion of compassion, justice and peace.

As a world citizen, Sara is a skilled intercultural communicator navigating confidently in interfaith dialogue and community bridge-building. She courageously uses her agency to transcend stereotypical narratives in order to consciously pave the path for herself and others to thrive and flourish.

Sara is the founder of CompassionFirst, on a mission to create a better world- one empowered woman at a time. She firmly believes in being an agent of change. Thus, advocates passionately for personal responsibility and leadership, which she models through her tagline: “A Better World Starts with Me.”

Sara’s love for humanity and deep wisdom acquired from lived experiences, personal and spiritual growth, all enable her to show up with authenticity and vulnerability.

donnamillsDonna Mills lives in the aesthetically stunning Pacific Northwest, specifically in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. She is a woman committed to all things that elevate human consciousness. She is a practitioner of the healing arts, an advocate for civil conversations, and a community educator. She is the founder of HumanWell Integrative Healing and Wellness where she sees private clients healing through trauma and grief. On the consulting side of HumanWell she designs integrative workplace wellness programs for large and small businesses. The name HumanWell was created out of her unwavering need to know “How do we human well? We can see where we are missing the mark in society, but where and how are we getting it right?” 

Donna is a certified caring economy advocate and partnership practitioner through Riane Eisler’s Center for Partnership Studies. She is a fierce advocate for a new narrative of economic success that elevates our collective human wellness and ability to thrive. Donna is a social healing practitioner, a narrative disruptor, and a cultural change agent. She is here to invite society into a deeper conversation about civility and connectivity. She believes that, “and justice for all” means just that. For all.

Donna earned a degree in Sustainable Small Acreage Farming and Ranching with an emphasis on Small Farm Advocacy, Community Education and Development, and Local Economics. She is a local food systems educator, and thrills in leading community members on local and regional farm tours to meet their farmers, ranchers, and other local artisan and cottage industry craftspeople. She is committed to investing her money in local spending first and foremost.

Donna is also a Lay Pastoral Minister through the Unitarian Universalist Association and is ordained to perform all many celebrations of life, from unions to end of life doula services. In this work she gently guides humans through the sacred journey of living and dying. She is often called upon to share her insightful wisdom on the divine, and has most recently stepped fully into her role as High Priestess in her Pagan faith. 

Donna is a mystic, a tarot reader, an intuitive healer, and a conscious thought leader for these changing times. She practices a very intentful and cyclical lifestyle that includes loads of joy, playful exploration, good food, and always, always, more beautiful humans. Indeed, she produced two such beautiful humans herself, her son Dane, and her daughter Rowan. She excels at growing food and wild foraging, loves to be on the water, is a collector of smiles, and can be found spending teatime with her favorite feline, Professor MooseySoftpaws.

betsyBetsy Spano, Director of Relationship Outreach

Betsy has been an Ambassador for the Women & Girls Sector since January 2016.
In that time she has participated in the creation & launching of the various webinars & initiatives hosted by members & partners of Women & Girls.
As the Social Outreach Coordinator, Betsy shares information on our various social media formats as it pertains to Women & Girls on a global scale, from sector events & human interest stories to humor & inspiration. She also keeps an eye out for new-partner possibilities.
Betsy brings her authentic self and wisdom from her lived experiences to Women & Girls along with her passion of "wanting to save the world" and deep yearning to learn from and with others.

brendaBrenda Gustin, Regional Women and Girls Co-Director Capitol Region, California

Brenda has always been interested in freeing ourselves from suffering, loosening beliefs and providing tools to clarify our view. Becoming a mother led her to co-create a Sudbury School for children to create from the innate desire to grow into responsible citizens. At The Radiant Health Center she and her colleagues assist adults in doing the same. As VP of Mercey Springs Foundation, she actively engages to highlight the work of great people and co-create the CA Vision 2020 Conferences with The Shift Network. As a BraveHeart Sister, women are healing to prosper and thrive. The Charter for Compassion Women & Girls Sector provides opportunity to share tools and exampleship to those who desire

collaboration in creating a new world based in peace, harmony and pleasurable experiences for all. Sacred Geometry provides opportunity to learn about the nature within us all. The yantras of the chakras, planets, goddesses and their relationship to our bodies, mind and souls enhance our life journey. Through asana, drawing and painting yantras and mandalas, Brenda and her students open doorways leading to the Art of all things.  

Hyacinth J Myers

Hyacinth is a Creative, CEO and Founder of EMPOWER 7 © A Women’s Personal Empowerment Programme amongst others. She is a Life Strategist | Soul Alignment Coach | Author and International Speaker who supports Women 35+ who have been through trauma “Stand up for their Soul” so they can rediscover more Freedom and Happiness.

As a Coach and Mentor she has overcome 30+ years of Personal Adversity too. Growing up in a notorious estate in Hackney, London, UK surviving the environment and thriving after personal challenges, she has been through it all. She supports Women to reconnect with their authentic Soul selves thereby creating their Life by design regardless of their story.

As an Author, Poet and International Speaker, she impacts by sharing her story openly and with actionable steps to Overcome any adversity/ Challenge or Life situation. She uses her own Life as example. A Compassionate soul, she is a Partner and Ambassador for the Charter for Compassion Women and Girls Initiative. She also holds Sacred Space for Women to evolve organically in her Sister Circles, Workshops, Signature Programmes and Aligned Experience. Her products include Semi Precious stone Sterling Silver Handmade bespoke earrings, Stand up for your Soul Inspiration in a box sets and Babyloss Memory Box sets as well as her Books.

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