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Rosemary Neave is the face behind  these websites

"I describe myself as a networker - I am passionate about connecting people and information. It is as if the Internet was made for me. When we built Waihoihoi Women's Lodge in Waipu, Northland, we had already decided that connecting with and working with other Women's Travel businesses was a necessity. 

We had set up Women Travel New Zealand, as a portal for women travellers, introducing them to women's travel businesses in New Zealand. Now by popular demand, I am glad to introduce you to Women Travel the World!"

  • Website: Rosemary discovered the internet and Women Travel was born, she teamed up with local webdesigner Jan Malone of Action Web Design for Women Travel NZ and the World.
  • Blogging: In 2008 Rosemary discovered blogging Web 2. as a way of sharing information on the web, she teamed up with Jo Couchman of Creative Web Designs
  • Twitter and Facebook: When Twitter and facebook emerged Rosemary began to network women travel on these Social Media channels

Why Focus on Women's Travel?

With 32 million trips taken last year, U.S. women — young, old, single, married, divorced, widowed, mothers, daughters and sisters — have become a driving force in the travel industry. Estimates are that women will spend some $125 billion on travel in the next year.  80% of all travel decisions are made by women

Regardless of :

  • * who they travel with
  • * who pays for the trip
  • * or where they go

A woman is the decision maker.

  • 75% of those who take cultural,  adventure or nature trips are women.
  • 230%, increase in number of women-only travel companies in past six years.

Women -- young, old, single, married, and widowed are fueling an explosive growth in the travel industry.

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

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