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Leadership is Sharing Who You Are

Leadership is not about becoming someone else; leadership is sharing who you are.

People tend to think that becoming a leader is being more like leaders who have gone before us. They try to emulate or even copy the actions of leaders they admire. Students of history draw parallels to situations faced by past leaders. Spiritual seekers look for lessons from the lives of leaders such as the Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, or Jesus.

We try to follow the examples of pioneers who have gone before us.

I love learning about leaders I admire. They inspire me and give me hope. My hope does not spring from my ability to copy what they did, but from the ways in which they overcame challenges to recognize and appreciate their true selves.

The leaders who inspire me have amazing stories. Each of them, in one way or another, reaches a point at which they do not know whether they can continue. Whether it is a challenge in business, a military obstacle, a physical injury, or a spiritual “dark night,” each of them reaches a point in their story when they must decide whether or not to surrender. For some, it is not a single point, but an ongoing process.

The inspiration comes from the ways in which each person is awakened to themselves in new ways. They may gain new insight into who they are, let go of an idea or opinion they have held close to them, or end a toxic relationship.

Each of them gains a clearer perception of who they are, and shares that clarity with the people around them.

Each of them become an inspiring leader by sharing who they are.

What will you discover about yourself today?

How will you share your true self with someone new this week?


Source: Leadership is Sharing Who You Are



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