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Who We Are

Board + Council

The Global Compassion Council is the advisory body for the Charter for Compassion. Recruited from around the world, the Council is a confluence of leaders of the movement in the realms of government, business, education, philanthropy, religion & spirituality, health care, the environment, peace, and social justice. The Chair of the Council is Cristina Gonzalez. The governing Board of Directors is drawn from the members of the Council. The Board consists of the following members:

Cristina Gonzalez, Chair;
Laura Burgis, Vice Chair;
Gard Jameson, Treasurer, philanthropy and Fundraising Committee;
Yaffa Maritz, Secretary;
Ann Helmke, Governance Committee;

and the following members: Starita Boyce Ansari, Rozan Anwar, Vance Blackfox, Amin Hashwani, Moses Machipisa, Anum Mulla, Babalwa Ngcongolo, Jamal Rahman, Lynne Reeder, Arun Wakhlu, Will Rucker, Skylar Pittman, Riemer Brandsma and Cesar Salazar. Ole Kjörrefjord is an advisor to the Board.

Karen Armstrong and Joan Brown Campbell are ex-officio members of the Board.

Board of Trustees - Executive Committee

Global Compassion Council


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