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How to Engage

Contribute to the Grassroots Wisdom Book

How To Engage

Contribute to the Grassroots Wisdom Book

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash


There are fourteen chapters in the Grassroots Wisdom Book, and each chapter reflects how the Charter for Compassion works. However, not all stories come directly from compassionate community initiatives or from our members and partners. We want to capture the good news that is happening all around us. We want to break the bubble of silence about good accomplishments and sincere responses to challenges and highlight radical solutions to problems that too often escape the media.

No project or idea is too big or too small to share. We have enough creativity and stick- to-it-ness to take ideas and adapt them to fit our own location and match our needs. One action in Jakarta, Indonesia, can catapult into a dozen new projects on three different continents.



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