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How to Engage

Join Others: Map of Co-Creators

How To Engage

Join Others: Map of Co-Creators

There are many ways to get involved with Charter for Compassion. The first, is, take time to know who we are. Review our Mission and Values (URL would go here), If you agree with who we are Affirm the Charter for Compassion. Then sign up for our Newsletter. By doing these two things you are committing to bringing compassion to the forefront of your thinking and actions, and keeping up with what is happening globally with the compassion movement. You join the Charter as an individual or you can partner with Charter if you are a part of an organization (URL to work in Sectors).

We encourage each person who signs the Charter to donate to our work. The Charter recognizes that individuals can make meaningful contributions in different ways based on abilities, resources, and interests. We acknowledges that philanthropy is not limited to financial contributions alone, but also encompasses the value of personal involvement, skills, and time invested in making a positive difference in the lives of others and our global community as a whole.



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