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The Charter for Compassion offers a variety of events and initiatives aimed at promoting compassion worldwide. While the specific events may vary from month to month, year to year, here are some examples of events that the Charter for Compassion organizes and supports:

The Charter for Compassion's Global Read encourages individuals and communities to come together and engage in reading and is a monthly program that discussion around a selected book that promotes compassion. The Global Read initiative aims to foster dialogue, inspire action, and deepen understanding of the principles outlined in the Charter for Compassion.

The Charter for Compassion offers webinars and workshops focused on compassion education. These educational sessions provide valuable insights, resources, and practical strategies for individuals, educators, and organizations interested in fostering compassion within their communities. 

The Charter for Compassion encourages cities and municipalities to become officially recognized as compassionate cities. Through this program, the Charter provides support, resources, and guidance to local governments and community groups in their efforts to cultivate compassion within their jurisdictions.

The Charter participates in and promotes various international days dedicated to compassion and related themes. These include World Kindness Day, International Day of Peace, World Interfaith Harmony Week, and more.

Finally, the Charter for Compassion facilitates training sessions and workshops focused on cultivating compassion in personal and professional settings. These programs equip individuals and organizations with tools and practices to foster compassion in their daily lives and work environments.



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