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Strategic Plan

Beginning on March 27, 2023 and continuing through to March 29, forty individuals representing the Charter for Compassion’s Board, staff, lead volunteers and representatives of compassionate initiatives came together to begin contributing to the Charter’s next strategic plan. The process was titled, Discover—Dream—Design. The bulk of the design and organization for the sessions was done by Ole Kjörrefjord and Arun Wakhlu and was informed by the Charter’s ED. Nitya Wakhlu from Drawbridge was instrumental in formulating the design, summarizing results of work accomplished and illustrating the process. 

The four days, divided into two sessions each day to accommodate Charter representatives in different time zones, began with an Appreciative Inquiry exercise, moving to acknowledge what successes have been realized with the work of the Charter.  The open space meetings continued the next days by naming and exploring issues upon which the Charter is currently engaged and brainstorming the immediate and future issues that should be defined and acted upon.

The results of the Plan are presented here and the staff and Board of Trustees, and lead sector coordinators will continue to address the goals outlined in the plan over the next 2-3 years.

Read our Strategic Plan 2023-2024



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