Our mission is to promote and
    cultivate the principle of compassion
    and the Compassionate Way of Life,
    as articulated by the
    Charter for Compassion,
    so that compassion characterizes
    all human society
    and all relationships.

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    Golden Rule Day

    This is a shout-out to everyone who wants to share with the Charter, via video, how the Golden Rule connects all of us. Every major religion has a version of the Golden Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated.  And there are hundreds of secular versions of the Golden Rule as well. The Golden Rule is everywhere because it is an ancient agreement on how to live together: My welfare is bound up in yours. It is the golden thread that connects all of us. On April 5, International Golden Rule Day, the Charter and our partners will highlight videos from about the world showing that universal connection. Please go to to learn more, submit your short videos, and/or volunteer to help with this event. Videos due by February 14.


    Between now and January 20,2021, the President of the United States has almost run out of arenas in which to impose his will.  His reelection has soured in infamy.  His concern for the COVID-19 pandemic faded long ago.  There is only one last pursuit available to him to demonstrate that he is the most powerful man on earth, i.e. using the nuclear weapons at his disposal. What if?

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    A Heartfulness Interview with Marilyn Turkovich

    Marilyn Turkovich is the current Executive Director of the Charter for Compassion, which provides an umbrella for people to engage in collaborative partnerships worldwide. In December 2019, she spoke with Meghana Anand about the organization, its partners, and the work done through the Charter in different countries. Marilyn is an educationist-author and writes about world religions and cultures, bringing out their diverse and uniting threads.

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