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Cynthia Figge

Cynthia Figge

Cynthia Figge is COO and Cofounder of the start-up website CSRHub that aggregates and organizes data and knowledge on the social, environmental and governance performance of 7,000 companies, and uses this information to provide sustainability ratings to the marketplace. 

Cynthia's firm EKOS is one of the leading management consulting firms in integrating sustainability and business strategy and innovation. Cynthia’s EKOS clients include Noranda Aluminum, Dow Jones, Boeing, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Coca-Cola, REI, Microsoft, Ballard Power Systems, Hewlett Packard, KCTS Channel 9, AirTV (start-up global satellite company), and the City of Seattle. She co-led two EKOS study missions to Europe benchmarking leading companies in sustainability. Cynthia has pioneered in the field of corporate social responsibility.


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