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Yaffa Maritz

Yaffa Maritz

Yaffa Maritz was born and trained in Israel as a clinical psychologist. She is also a licensed mental health counselor with advanced training in Infant Mental Health.

Yaffa is a co-founder of Listening Mothers, an innovative program that uses reflective and mindful techniques to increase mothers' awareness of their interactions with their babies and enhance their capacity to deal with the challenges of motherhood. More recently, Ms. Maritz founded and is the director of the Community of Mindful Parents which offers carefully selected resources and engages parents in mindful conversation on line as well as offers small group discussions through programs such as Listening Mothers and Reflective Parenting. She is an advocate for the well-being of children and their families and serves on several local and national boards that promote this agenda, including the Governor's Commission for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention. Ms. Maritz believes that by supporting parents and creating nurturing communities for them, we can set the foundation for the positive growth of children's social, emotional, and mental health.


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