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Simple Acts of Kindness as a Leadership Tool

by Michele Price


In a world of constant changes, whether in our family or professional lives, everyone appreciates the salve of kindness.  How can we find continued ways in which we can express and share kindness to better each others experiences?

Being an interviewer at heart, I have found asking good questions will lead you to better answers.  Like my mentor Tony Robbins teaches; if it is better results you seek, then you need to ask better questions.  With this in mind, my post today will revolve around us asking ourselves better questions and lead our brains to uncovering answers that benefit all mankind.

1. Saying with genuine interest

How are you today?


2. Asking from a place of love

Can I help you?


3. Looking with your heart

Where do you want support?


4. Envisioning with your inner eyes

How can I see your perspective?


5. Shift the anger and proclaim kindness

Can I see past the situation with love?


6. Human relationships thrive on kindness

Where can I offer up generosity?


7. Looking through the pain

What door can we open to provide illumination?


8. When selfishness generates kindness: a quick leadership lesson

Can I take that on for you?


9. Reputation for kindness is deeper than words

How can I give the experience?


10. Combining Faithfulness and Kindness


11. Kindness is its own motivation

I serve myself while serving others


12. Kindness can feed the soul

I can choose kindness when fondness is out of reach.
When will we each make the choice to be kind in our journey through both our professional and personal lives?

Will we be willing to look at our behaviors in a honest way with kindness?

Bashing ourselves usually is what keeps folks from wanting to be honest.
How can you support yourself in this self discovery mode?

Where will you play a role in using Kindness in your business as well as personal life?

As you can see this topic brings up a lot of questions, which is good, it gives us space to explore and evolve together.


You ready?


Michele Price is the host of Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio and Women in Business Radio. Being a natural creator of strong, loyal, and profitable online communities, bringing the power of PR, interactive marketing, and social media to local businesses, literary talent, and speakers is how she serves in her business. Michele has been an entrepreneur for 30 years and she has used creative marketing since the 80‘s, before we had social media platforms. Michele gives emotionally powerful keynotes on community building marketing, Mobs with Megaphones (tm) online branding and Viral Velcro (tm) social media communications. Michele won her first Toastmasters speech out the gate and now focuses on delivering messages that hit home for businesses.



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