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John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York, NY, USA)


A senior college of The City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice is the preeminent national and international leader in educating for justice. Whether it is in the pages of The Lancet, across from opposing counsel, or behind a podium, John Jay students, graduates and faculty make their mark on the world.

Set in the heart of New York City, John Jay offers students a liberal arts and criminal justice curriculum that balances the sciences, humanities and the arts with professional studies. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, the College is unique in its mission, preparing students to build and sustain just societies by using their talents to make a difference for themselves and others. John Jay students learn how to transform their ideas into social action and leadership through rigorous course work, research, internships, community service, and other learning experiences. As a result of a John Jay education, students and graduates gain the skills and knowledge to become fierce advocates for justice in their communities, across the nation and throughout the world.


Learning in Action

Students learn from Pulitzer Prize Winning Faculty and Distinguished Professors across the disciplines. By bringing their research into the classroom, John Jay professors engage students in some of the most salient issues of the day, from the politics of crime and violence in the favelas of Brazil, to the impact of environmental toxins in neurodegenerative diseases, to the use of social networks to map out social inequalities. In state of the art science labs, students work side by side with faculty on research in chemistry, molecular biology, and toxicology, among other fields, and receive stipends to support their research through the Program for Research Initiatives for Science Majors (PRISM). Through John Jay’s Office of Undergraduate Research, students work with faculty mentors in an array of exciting research areas from international human rights, to public health, to the role of literature in sparking revolution.

The Pre Law Institute’s programs prepare students to compete for slots and scholarships at the most selective law schools. In 2012 John Jay students were accepted to 50 law schools and received more than $3 million in scholarship awards. John Jay’s paid internships, including Vera Institute Internships and Pinkerton Fellowships, and study abroad opportunities in Bali, Chile, England and Italy, among other countries, augment students’ classroom learning.



Students socialize on the lawn of the College’s 60,000-square-foot rooftop plaza and watch new student productions in John Jay’s Black Box Theatre. They have coffee together, text, and study with one another. In fact, John Jay students are the very heart of a vibrant, diverse, engaging and supportive community. To help each student succeed, John Jay’s Division of Student Affairs makes sure that all are given the tools and opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus. Just to name a few, there is the JJ Bloodhound Trailblazers Leadership Series, over 40 student organizations and clubs, a student government and many campus-wide events throughout the year.

Location: New York, New York, USA



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