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United Contemplative Institute (Southbury, CT, USA)

Who We Are

We are a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to making spiritual practice and direct experience of the sacred more accessible to everyone.
Our meditation practice began more than two decades ago at our home in Connecticut. In 2004, we established Transfiguration Zendo where individuals and groups meet for regular meditative practice. Our Web presence makes our programs, services, and insights available to persons who wish to share their capacity for reflection and growth.

Educational programs, outreach services, retreats, workshops, and collaborative ventures with others extend our practice. Our practice, community service, and fellowship are under the aegis of our non-profit institute.


Interior Awareness

Interior awareness of direct experience is indispensable to transform our consciousness. We see practical mysticism as the experience of union with Ultimate Reality. The dynamic rhythm of being is the core of human life and experience. This inner movement of the heart is assisted by the mind affecting our consciousness and leads to a deep desire for sensitive, loving, compassionate relationship to the already present Divine. A mature spirituality awakens our capacities for compassionate relationships to reshape our lives and renew our world. Spiritual insights including a sense of unity, being, openness, presence, seeing, listening, self-knowledge, simplicity, spontaneity, peace, and joy form an ever evolving transformation of consciousness and spiritual intelligence. Many of us experience this sense of unity occasionally. When we are most enlivened, we sense our being at one with what is basic and vital for our existence. Psychological research indicates that the intimate affinity with Ultimate Reality is virtually a universal experience. Some people recognize an inspiration to convert their personal bliss into the practical details of daily living.


Our History

Pat and Tim St. Onge are a couple who, since their marriage in 1999 have chosen to open their home to others as a place of prayer and hospitality. Both Tim and Pat have a long history of the study and practice of contemplative prayer and mindfulness primarily rooted in Christian and Zen Buddhist teachings and beliefs. Tim and Pat lead retreats and conferences both separately and together. They teach mindfulness and meditation practice to individuals and groups. They work with individuals and couples in psychotherapy ( and are equipped as pastoral counselors and spiritual mentors.

Location: Southbury, CT, USA



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