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Bounce Forward

Date/Time: ​Thursday, March 16, 2023, 7:30 to 9am Pacific Time

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Founded in 2009, Bounce Forward was incubated in its early years within Hertfordshire County Council and became an independent charity in 2016.

In 2019 we transformed our approach, working intensively with educators, psychologists, academics and young people to deliver practical, relevant and flexible solutions.


Supporting young people to lead mentally healthy lives

When it comes to mental health, prevention is better than cure. Teaching young people the skills and knowledge to develop their psychological fitness.


About Us

Experts in training teachers and parents using evidence-based concepts and theories that make a real difference to young people's lives. We develop psychological fitness, the combination of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing. A charity with a difference, creating big impact in the most important topic of the 21st century.


Our Core Principles

  • Mental resilience and emotional wellbeing are key attributes needed for success in the 21st century
  • Sound research, theory and evidence informs everything we do
  • We teach skills and strategies that work in the real world
  • The adults matter: their role is vital in helping children and young people to be psychologically healthy
  • The personal development of young people is as important in society as academics

Location: London, United Kingdom

Website: Bounce Forward

Lucy Bailey is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bounce Forward. She is proud of her beginnings as a youth worker and her 17 years of experience of working in, developing, reforming and managing children’s services, prior to starting Bounce Forward. Lucy left school with a Math’s CSE and English O’level. In an era when women’s role in the workplace was limiting, she was offered the choice on a Youth Training Scheme of Typist or Hairdresser, she took the latter. Earning £25 a week, with rent of £16 she dreamed of success and strived to find it. Her experience is what drives her enthusiasm for enabling people to overcome setbacks and pursue their opportunities. Over the last fourteen years Lucy has focused on education. Her passion is to drive a movement to influence UK policy around education to form a positive system of change with psychological fitness at the core. Lucy has directed national research projects, has an MSc in Practice Based Research, a BSc in Social Policy and Criminology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.



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