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This EdNet Forum took place on July 20, 2023, Thursday 7:30am to 9am Pacific Time

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The Race4Good® Global Youth League is a student leadership program unlike any other, bringing together schools from around the world to take part in a series of groundbreaking races aimed at uplifting communities in need. Based on extensive feedback from teachers and students from around the world, Race4Good presents a new 2-year, high-impact, meaningful, service learning, and leadership program that has been carefully designed to provide an opportunity for students to transform lives more profoundly.

The Race4Good® Global Youth League offers something for everyone—whether student, teacher, administrator, headmaster, business mentor, supporter, or community member. Race4Good offers four main programs.

Race4Good enables students and business mentors to use their passion to help change lives forever! Each school team has the opportunity to be involved in specific race Hubs that cover a wide range of interests and disciplines including finance, technology, creativity, wellness, and more. Students can sign up to be a Hub Lead or Co-Lead, a Team Coordinator, or simply volunteer to support one or more Hubs.

Linda Cruse, Presenter Linda is the Founder of Race4Good. She is an international leadership expert, humanitarian, international speaker, and author. 

Linda, based on her extensive frontline experience, runs the Race4Good high impact programme series Courageous Leadership. These individually tailored programmes develop top talent and emerging leaders, while meeting the requirements of major businesses, organisations, companies, universities and schools around the world.

Linda inspires, motivates and captivates audiences through her incredible life of adventure and misadventure, including escape from a rebel army, being held at gunpoint, surviving severe hypothermia, and suturing her own face. Engaging with Linda is a wake-up call to step outside your comfort zone, develop new ideas, and discover your true purpose, potential and passion.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, provided the foreword for Linda‘s latest book Leading on the Frontline, which details her remarkable frontline adventures and offers essential leadership lessons from the world’s most dangerous places.

Linda is a Senior Fellow and Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Redmaids’ High School, UK. She is an Associate of Ustinov College, University of Durham, UK, and received a Humanitarian Award from WIFTS foundation USA.



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